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 Institute Administration
Designation Name Email ID Contact No.
Director Prof. A.K. Chaturvedi +91-1332-285500
Deputy Director Prof. Manoranjan Parida +91-1332-285221
Registrar Sh. Prashant Garg +91-1332-285311
Dean Administration Prof. Ravi Kumar +91-1332-285090
Dean of Resources and Alumni Affairs Prof. B.R. Gurjar +91-1332-285840
Dean Finance & Planning Prof. U.P. Singh +91-1332-285270
Dean Faculty Affairs Prof. M.R. Maurya +91-1332-285233
Dean Academic Affairs Prof. N.P. Padhy +91-1332-285255
Dean Sponsored Research & Industrial Consultancy Prof. Manish Shrikhande +91-1332-285245
Dean of Students’ Welfare Prof. Anand Joshi +91-1332-285246
Dean Infrastructure Prof. Z Ahmad +91-1332-285782
Academic Heads of the Departments
Architecture & Planning Prof. P. S. Chani +91-1332-285214
Bio Technology Prof. A.K. Sharma +91-1332-285216
Chemical Engineering  Prof. Shishir Sinha +91-1332-285217
Chemistry Prof. K. R. Justin Thomas +91-1332-285218
Civil Engineering Prof. S.K. Ghosh +91-1332-285219
Computer Science & Engineering Prof. Dharmendra Singh +91-1332-285206
Earthquake Engineering Prof. Pankaj Agrawal +91-1332-285228
Earth Sciences Prof. Sunil Bajpai +91-1332-285232
Electrical Engineering Prof. B. Das +91-1332-285231
Electronics & Communication Engg Prof. Sudeb Dasgupta +91-1332-285235
Humanities & Social Sciences Prof. Nagendra Kumar +91-1332-285234
Hydrology Prof. Manoj Jain +91-1332-285236
Management Studies Prod. Mukesh Kumar Barua +91-1332-285014
Mathematics Prof. N. Sukavanam +91-1332-285249
Mech & Industrial Engg Prof. B.K. Gandhi +91-1332-285242
Metallurgical & Materials Engg Prof. G. P. Chaudhari +91-1332-285606
Physics  Prof. K. L. Yadav +91-1332-285248
Prof. In-charge SRE Campus Prof. Yuvraj Singh Negi +91-0132-271-4328
WRDM  Prof. M.L. Kansal +91-1332-285251
Academic Centre
Alternate Hydro Energy Centre Prof. S.K. Singhal +91-1332-285213
Centre of Excellence       
Centre of Excellence in Transportation Engg Prof. Vikas Pruthi +91-1332-285100
Centre of Excellence in Disaster Mitigation & Management Prof. Mahua Mukharjee +91-1332-285401
Centre of Excellence in Nanotechnology  Prof. R.K. Dutta +91-1332-285490
Associate Deans
Associate Dean (Corporate Interaction) Prof. Pravindra Kumar +91-1332-285837
Associate Dean (Innovation and Incubation) Prof. P. Jeevanandam +91-1332-28581
Associate DOFA Prof. M.V. Kartikeyan +91-1332-285525

ADOAA (Admission)

Prof. P. Gopinath  

ADOAA (Curriculum)

Prof. Vipul Rastogi  
ADOAA (Evaluation) Prof. Rajat Rastogi  
Associate DOSW (Bhawan) Prof. S.H. Upadhyay +91-1332-285094

Associate DOSW (Student Wellness)

Prof. Alok Misra +91-1332-285097
Associate DOSW (Students Activities) Prof. M.K. Barua +91-1332-285091
Associate DOSW (International students) Prof. P. Arumugam +91-1332-285092
Assoc. Dean Infrastructure (Electrical & A/C) Prof. Ganesh Kumbhar +91-1332-285196
Assoc. Dean Infrastructure (Civil) Prof. Rajib Chowdhury +91-1332-285847
GATE Prof. Manish Mishra +91-1332-285263
JEE (Advance) Prof. M.L. Sharma +91-1332-285224
Library Advisory Committee Prof. R.K. Peddinti +91-1332-285727
Hospital Advisory Committee Prof. Dharmendra Singh +91-1332-285049
Community Dairy Prof. P. Mondal +91-1332-285181
Institute Sports Council Prof. Vinay Pant +91-1332-285832
Academic Service Centre
Center for Continuing Education  Prof. B.K. Gandhi +91-1332-285227
Institute Computer Centre Prof. R. Balasubramanian +91-1332-285701
Institute Instrumentation Centre Prof. A.K. Sen +91-1332-285307
Quality Improvement Programme Center  Prof. B.K. Gandhi +91-1332-285241
Other Supporting Units
E - Learning Centre  Prof. Inderdeep Singh +91-1332-285833
Prof. In-Charge Training & Placement Prof. Vinay Sharma +91-1332-285260
Prof. In-Charge Security  Prof. Barjeev Tyagi +91-1332-285559
Prof. In-Charge Communications Prof. R. Balasubramanian +91-1332-285800/ 279760
Prof. In-Charge Guest Houses Prof. Shirshir Sinha +91-1332-286747
Prof. In-Charge Transportation Prof. S.K. Saini

Prof. in Charge Hindi Cell Prof. Nagendra Kumar +91-1332-285096
Prof. In-Charge Safety Prof. Ravi Kumar +91-1332-285740
Liaison Officer for SC/ST Prof. Vimal Kumar +91-1332-285475
Faculty Adviser, Student Sports Council Prof. G.D. Ransichung R.N. +91-1332-285584
Sports Officer Sri Alok Kumar Pandey +91-1332-285618
Chief Vigilance Officer Prof. S.P. Singh +91-1332-285603
Security Officer Sri K.P. Singh +91-1332-285257
Hindi Officer Dr. Rajiv Kumar Singh +91-1332-285541
Institute Engineer
Ajay Sharma Institute Engineer +91-1332-285266
Nepal Singh Executive Engineer +91-1332-285272
  Institute Architect +91-1332-285197
Chief Medical Officer
Chief Medical Officer Dr. Vandana Khobragade(Senior MO officiating as CMO) +91-1332-285802
Medical Officer Dr. Vandana Khobragade +91-1332-285784
Medical Officer (Gynae.) Dr. Anjula Roy

Medical Officer (Medicine) Dr. Rao Farman Khan  

Medical Officer (Dip. Card) Dr. Alok Anand   

Medical Officer (Ad-hoc) Dr. Vibhu Sharma   +91-1332-284260
Joint Registrar & Dy. Registrar

Joint Registrar (Accounts)

G.K. Rastogi +91-1332-285789

Joint Registrar (Training work & RTI)

Shyam Narayan +91-1332-285535

Joint Registrar (Acad Research)

Ajay Sharma +91-1332-285098

Joint Registrar (Audit of Accounts)

Suman Kumar +91-1332-285879

Dy. Registrar (Saharanpur Campus)

Rajvir Singh Khatri +91-132-271-4362
Dy. Registrar (Estt. Services) Sheeba Ramola +91-1332-284822
Dy. Registrar (Material Management) A.K. Srivastava +91-1332-284866
Dy. Registrar (Sponsored Research & Industrial Consultancy) Sanjeev Jainth
Assistant Registar

Asstt. Registrar (SS) (Director Office) & (PS to Director)

Margrate Chilamkoti +91-1332-285500

Asstt. Registrar  (Finance & Account)

Jain Singh +91-1332-284243

Asstt. Registrar (SS) (Finance & Account)

Pramod Kumar +91-1332-286568

Asstt. Registrar (SS) (Meeting)

Charn Singh  Verma +91-1332-286501

Asstt. Registrar (DoSW)

Lalit Kumar +91-1332-284822

Asstt. Registrar (Academics)

Dileep Kumar Toppo +91-1332-284825

Asstt. Registrar (Material Management)

Bibi Moriom Barbhuiya +91-1332-284824

Asstt. Registrar (SS) (Evaluation)

Raj Kumar Sharma +91-1332-285561
Asstt. Registrar (SRIC) Jitendra Dimri ​ +91-1332-285561
Asstt. Registrar (Curriculum) Major Reeti (Retd.) +91-1332-284792
Asstt. Registrar (Legal & General Administration) Bane Singh Meena +91-1332-284881
Assistant Executive Engineer
AEE-II R.K. Agarwal +91-1332-284848
AEE O.A. Verma +91-1332-284856
AEE N.S. Rana +91-1332-284854
AEE A.K. Verma +91-1332-284870
AEE-III R. K. Goel +91-1332-284789
AEE Electrical P.K. Dauhre +91-1332-284858
AEE Civil V.K. Goel +91-1332-284845
AEE Civil F. C. Jain +91-1332-284849
AEE Water Supply D. N. Pandey +91-1332-284304