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  Cinematic Section

Cinesec is dedicated in capturing imagination on camera and turning them into videos. We publish vibrant categories of videos including short movies, campus news and trendz, interviews ,animations, info-videos ,gags, events coverage and feedbacks. Our section deals in various aspects of movie making such as script writing, editing, direction, cinematography, production and a lot more. To follow up our videos you can subscribe our youtube channel:

A screen for the campus; A new hobby for its students; A measure to nurture creativity creatively; An initiative to capture dreams...

  • Smriti Saraswat
    Smriti SaraswatMember
  • Archie Mehta
    Archie MehtaMember
  • Rasham Garg
    Rasham GargMember
  • Pranay Sagar
    Pranay SagarMember
  • Navneet Goel
    Navneet GoelMember
  • Nitesh Kumar
    Nitesh KumarMember
  • Dhruv Gaur
    Dhruv GaurMember
  • Geetika Nehra
    Geetika NehraAd. Secretary
  • Sukriti Bansal
    Sukriti BansalAd. Secretary
  • Nishant Bansal
    Nishant BansalMember
  • Ch Vishwanath
    Ch VishwanathMember
  • Sachin
  • Ayush Mittal
    Ayush MittalSecretary
  • Tarun Partap Maurya
    Tarun Partap MauryaMember
  • Rishabh
  • Shubhangi Sengar
    Shubhangi SengarMember
  • Harminder Kaur
    Harminder KaurMember
  • Nikunj Agarwal
    Nikunj AgarwalMember
  • Chinmay Jain
    Chinmay JainMember
  • Hari Eswar Sm
    Hari Eswar SmMember
  • Rahul Khobragadhe
    Rahul KhobragadheMember
  • Chetan Maheshwari
    Chetan MaheshwariMember
  • Harkirat Singh
    Harkirat SinghMember
  • Anjali Nauhwar
    Anjali NauhwarMember
  • Mayank Gupta
    Mayank GuptaMember
  • Gaurav Meena
    Gaurav MeenaMember
  • Ramanjeet Singh
    Ramanjeet SinghMember
  • Ayushi Neema
    Ayushi NeemaMember
  • M.Kaleeswaran