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Faculty Advisor(s)

The faculty advisor(s), since April 2018, for the B.Tech. (Chemical Engineering, ChE and Polymer Science and Engineering, PSE), M.Tech. (Chemical Engineering, ChE) and Ph.D. (Chemical Engineering, ChE) students are as follow:

Program Faculty Advisor(s)
B. Tech. (ChE and PSE), 1st Year
  • Prof. P. Mondal
  • Prof. Sumana Ghosh
B. Tech. (ChE and PSE), 2nd Year
  • Prof. Anshu Anand
  • Prof. Prakash Biswas
B. Tech. (ChE and PSE), 3rd Year
  • Prof. Shabina Khanam
  • Prof. Taraknath Das
B. Tech. (ChE and PSE), 4th Year
  • Prof. P.P. Kundu
  • Prof. V.C. Srivastava
M. Tech. (ChE), 1st Year
  • Prof. V.K. Agarwal
M. Tech. (ChE), 2nd Year
  • Prof. B. Mohanty
Ph.D. (ChE)
  • Prof. B. Prasad, DRC Chairman
Chemical Engineering Student's Society (ChESS)
  • Prof. Gaurav Sharma
  • Prof. N. Siva Mohan Reddy