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Kumar Anil
Kumar, Anil Professor anilkfcy[at] 91-01332-285799
Areas of Interest
  • Synthesis of Nanomaterials; Supramolecular Chemistry of Nanomaterials; Photophysics and Photochemist
  • Nanomaterials - Carbonaceous, Metal/Semiconductor and their Composites; Kinetics and Photochemistry, Synthesis of Nanomaterials; Photophysics, Photocatalysis, Optical and Magnetic Properties
Professional Background
19861988Guest ScientistHahn-Meitner-Institut, Berlin, Germany
19791982Research AssociateRadiation Laboratory, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana –46556, USA
Honors and Awards
Star PerformerIndian Institute of Technology Roorkee2004-05
Star PerformerIndian Institute of Technology Roorkee2003-04
Elected FellowThe National Academy of Sciences, Allahabad,INDIA2003
First Khosla Research Prize and a Medal on Photochemical study on surface capped CdS NanoparticlesIIT Roorkee2002
Khosla Research Award and a Silver Medal on a Research Paper on Photochemistry ofUniversity of Roorkee1993
Educational Details
B.Sc.Chemistry, Physics, Maths & General CoursesMeerut University1971
M.Sc.Chemistry (Specialization in Physical Chemistry)Meerut University1973
Ph.D.ChemistryUniversity of Roorkee1977
Courses or Conferences Organised
Conference NameSponsored ByDate
International Conference on Nanomaterials and Devices Processing and Applications (NADPA 2008)IIT RoorkeeDec.2008
National Symposium on Radiation and Photochemistry,ISRAPS,AICTE, DAE, CSIR etc.,21-02-2001
Refereed Journal Papers

    S. No.

Detailed of Published Paper (2009 onwards)


Anil Kumar and Mahima Khandelwal

A novel synthesis of ultra thin graphene sheets for energy storage applications using malonic acid as a reducing agent

J. Mater. Chem. (A), A, 2014, 2, 20345–20357 (2014).


Anil Kumar and Sudhir Kumar Gupta

5'-guanosine Monophosphate Mediated Biocompatible Porous Hydrogel of β-FeOOH - Viscoelastic Behavior, Loading and Release Capabilities of Freeze Dried Gel

J. Phys. Chem. (B), DOI: 10.1021/jp5038427 (2014).


Anil Kumar and Vinit Kumar

Biotemplated Inorganic Nanostructures: Supramolecular Directed Nanosystems of Semiconductor(s)/Metal(s) Mediated by Nucleic Acids and their Properties

Chem.Rev. (ACS), 114, 7044-7078 (2014). 


Anil Kumar and Mahima Khandelwal

Amino acid mediated functionalization and reduction of graphene oxide – synthesis and the formation mechanism of nitrogen-doped graphene

New J. Chem., 38, 3457-3467 (2014).


Umesh Kumar Gaur, Anil Kumar and G D Varma

The synthesis of self-assembled 1-D CuO nanochains in aqueous medium and a study of their multifunctional features.

CrystEngComm (RSC), DOI:10.1039/C3CE42552E (2014)


Anil Kumar and Sudhir Kumar Gupta

Synthesis of 5'-GMP-mediated porous hydrogel containing β -FeOOH nanostructures: optimization of its morphology, optical and magnetic properties

J. Mater. Chem. (B), 1, 5818-5830 (2013).


Anil Kumar and Bhupendra Singh

Optoelectronic properties of dual emitting RNA mediated colloidal PbSe nanostructures.

Dalton Trans., 42, 11455–11464 (2013).


Anil Kumar and Sudhir Kumar Gupta

Synthesis of adenine mediated superparamagnetic colloidal β-FeOOH Nanostructure(s) – study of their morphological changes and magnetic behavior.

J. Nanoparticle Res. 1-16 (2013) (DOI 10.1007/s11051-013-1466-z).


Anil Kumar and Bhupendra Singh

Zn2+ induced folding of RNA to produce honeycomb like RNA -mediated fluorescing Zn2+/PbSe nanostructures.

J. Phys. Chem. (C), 117, 5386–5396 (2013).


Anil Kumar, V. Chaudhary and Vinit Kumar

Synthesis of guanosine 5′-monophosphate (GMP) - mediated Ag/CdS nanohybrids their self assembly and optoelectronic properties

Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 269-279 (2013).


Anil Kumar and Bhupendra Singh

RNA templated water soluble Mg2+/ PbSe porous nanostructures with dual fuorescence.

RSC Advances, 2, 9079–9090 (2012).


Anil Kumar and Bhupendra Singh

Synthesis and photophysics of red emitting RNA templated PbSe nanostructures.       

Chem. Commun., 47 (14), 4144 - 4146 (2011).


Anil Kumar and Aditi Singhal

Optical, Photophysical and Magnetic Behavior of GMP-templated Binary (β - Fe2O3/CdS)  and Ternary (β-Fe2O3/Ag/CdS)  Nanohybrids.         

J. Mater. Chem., 21, 481-496 (2011).


S. Firdoz, Ma Fang, Xiuli Yue, Zhifei Dai, Anil Kumar, Jiangbin

A novel amperometric biosensor based on single walled carbon nanotubes with  acetylcholine esterase for the detection of carbaryl pesticide in water.

Talanta, 83, 269 - 273 (2010).


Anil Kumar and Vinit Kumar

Synthesis and Optical Properties of Guanosine 5′-monophosphate - Mediated CdS Nanostructures: An Analysis of their Structure, Morphology and Electronic Properties.

Inorg. Chem., 48, 11032-11038 (2009).


Anil Kumar, Anshuman Jakhmola and V. Chaudhary

Synthesis and photophysics of colloidal ZnS/PbS/ZnS nanocomposites - an analysis of dynamics of charge carriers.

J. Photochem. Photobiol. A: Chem. 208, 195-202 (2009).  


Anil Kumar and Vinit Kumar

Supramolecular – directed synthesis of RNA-mediated CdS/ZnS nanotubes.

Chem. Commun., 5433-5435 (2009).


Anil Kumar and Aditi Singhal

Synthesis of colloidal silver iron oxide nanoparticles – study of their optical and magnetic behavior.

Nanotechnology, 20, 295606-295616 (2009).


Anil Kumar and A. Jakhmola

RNA-templated fluorescent Zn/PbS (PbS + Zn2+) supernanostructures.

J. Phys. Chem. (C), 113, 9553-9559 (2009).


Anil Kumar and V. Chaudhary

Time resolved emission studies of Ag-adenine-templated CdS (Ag/CdS) nanohybrids

Nanotechnology, 20, 095703 - 095712 (2009).