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Sharma S.C.
Subhash C Sharma Professor scs60fpt[at] 9219572345 Website
Areas of Interest
  • Wireless Communication and Cloud Computing, Wireless Computing, Cloud Computing, Soft Computing, Information Retrieval
Professional Background
19841996LecturerIndian Institute of Technology, Roorkee,(erstwhile UOR)
19962006Asst. ProfessorIndian Institute of Technology, Roorkee,(erstwhile UOR)
20062014Associate ProfessorIndian Institute of Technology, Roorkee,(erstwhile UOR)
2014On GoingProfessorIndian Institute of Technology, Roorkee,(erstwhile UOR)
Honors and Awards
Worked as Honorary Guest Sc. at FHMTechnical University, Munchen, Germany.1999
UGC scholar ship during M.TechUniversity of Roorkee1981
Educational Details
B.Sc.Phys, Chem., MathsRajasthan Univ., Jaipur1979
M.Sc.PhysicsIndian Institute of Technology Roorkee (erstwhile UOR)1981
M.Tech.E.&C. Engg.Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (erstwhile UOR)1983
Ph.D.E.& C. Engg.Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (erstwhile UOR)1992
Administrative Background
2016On GoingDRC ChairmanIIT Roorkee
2000On GoingDCS Research lab In-ChargeIIT Roorkee
2006On GoingWireless Network Lab In-ChargeIIT Roorkee
2010On GoingCloud Computing and Wireless Sensor lab In-chargeIIT Roorkee
Sponsored Research Projects
TopicFunding AgencyYear
Development of computerized control for pulp and paper industryAICTE, New Delhi1998
Congestion Control Techniques in Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) NetworksUGC, New Delhi2000
Development of Data Acquisition System for LDA Signal Using DIGerman Government to Tech. Univ. Munchen, Germany.1998
MANET Architecture Design for Tactical RadioDRDO, DEAL, Dehradun2009
An Artificial Neural Network Approach to ATM Networks.CSIR, New Delhi1997
Fuzzy System Based Application in ATM Networks.CSIR, New Delhi1997
An analysis and optimization of QoS parameters in communication network. DST, New Delhi2008
An analysis and improvement of quality of service (QoS) of wireless networks in Fringe areas of UttaDST, New Delhi2012
  • NSBE, USA, Member
  • ISOC, USA, Member
  • ACEEE, Fellow Member
  • IAENG, Member
Teaching Engagements
TitleCourse CodeClass NameSemester
Fundamental of ElectronicsEC-102U.G.Autumn
Fundamental of ElectronicsEC-102U.G.Spring
Computer Based Control systemICU.G.Autumn
Microprocessor & Its ApplicationIPP-311U.G.Spring
PHDs Supervised
TopicScholar NameStatus of PHDRegistration Year
Congestion Control in Asynchronous Transfer Mode NetworksBrijesh Kumar GuptaA1997
Capacity and quality of service for CDMA Communication Network with Diversity and HandoffShamimul QamarA2003
Wireless Multimedia Communication With Quality of Service GuaranteeAmit DixitA2003
Performance Trade off In Quality of Service of High Speed NetworksA.K.JainA2003
Simulation and Analysis of Qos In Wireless Ad Hoc NetworkKumar ManojA2007
Analysis and Design of Energy Efficient Ad Hoc NetworksSandip VijayA2007
Analysis and Design of propagation model for QoS of Wireless NetworkVishal GuptaA2008
Analysis of Mobility Models Performance Based on Metrics For MANETSantosh KumarA2008
Analysis and Optimization of QoS Parameter in Communication Network An Evolutionary Algorithms ApprLeena AryaA2008
MANET Architecture Design for Tactical RadiosBhupendra SumanA2009
Performance Analysis of wireless NetworksParma NandA2009
Adaptations of Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithms for Continuous and Combinatorial ProblemsNitish GhuneA2011
Security and storage issues in Cloud environment Prachi S. DeshpandeA2012
Energy and Bandwidth Estimation of Wireless Sensor Network with Soft Computing Approach R. AryaA2013
Optimization Schemes for Wireless Network DynamicsK. KavithaA2013
Location based Geocasting in VANETAkhtar HusainA2013
Performance Analysis of Localization and Routing Algorithms for Wireless Sensor NetworksSantar Pal SinghA2013
Query Transformation Techniques in Information Retrieval SystemsRam KumarO2015
Metaheuristics Approach based Task Scheduling Algorithm in Cloud ComputingKalka DubeyO2016
Security in vehicular Ad-hoc Network (VANET)Kuldeep Narayan TripathiO2016
Mobile Ad-hoc Network Routing with QoS provision for Tactical Applications Trilok Kumar SainiO2016
Data AnalyticalAshish Mohan YadavO2017
Fall Detection System OptimizationSanjeev KumarO2017
Modeling and Simulation of Supply Chain Management using Wireless Sensor NetworkSaureng KumarO2017
Cognitive Radio in 5G Wireless CommunicationNandkishor JoshiO2018
Cloud ComputingRavinderO2018
Wireless CommunicationAlisha BangaO2018
Books Authored

1. Emerging Topics and Technologies in Information Systems
By: Sandip Vijay, S. C. Sharma
Published by: IGI GLOBAL, USA Page No: 350 (Vol 00) year: 2009


2. Information Technology: Emerging Trends,  1st ed., Vitasta Publishing Pvt. Ltd. 2009. (ISBN: 8189766406 KK-70675)

Chapter-09 “Problem of Congestion in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks” pp.43-49

Chapter-10 “Mobile Networking through Mobile IP: A Survey” pp.50-55

Chapter-11 “Energy Efficient Parameters for Controlling Physical Layer of Mobile Ad-hoc Networks”  pp.56-65

Chapter-12 “SVEEN: Loss Rate Measurement in Ad-hoc Wireless Networks” pp.66-73

Chapter-13 “Capacity Analysis of CDMA System with Parameter Variation” pp.74-78


3.  Information Processing and Management, Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg ISBN : 978-3-642-12213-2 (Print) 978-3-642-12214-9 (Online)

Chapter-6 : Tracking Based Secure AODV Routing Protocol (pp175-180)

Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg ISBN : 978-3-642-12213-2 (Print) 978-3-642-12214-9 (Online)


4.  Innovations in Information Technology—Concepts, Cases & Models

Chapter Name: Behavioral Based Secure Routing Protocol for MANET (pp 35-39)

Publisher: Excel Publications, New Delhi,  (ISBN: 978-93-80697-02-4)


5.  Advances in Computing, Communication and Control

Chapter Name: Comparison of Routing Protocols for MANET and Performance   Analysis of DSR Protocol

Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg   ISBN : 978-3-642-18439-0 (Print) 978-3-642-18440-6 (Online)

Refereed Journal Papers

Referred Journal Papers in Chronological Order

Year : 2019

137. Bhardwaj, T., & Sharma, S. C. (2018). Cloud-WBAN: an experimental framework for cloud-enabled wireless body area network with efficient virtual resource utilization. Sustainable Computing: Informatics and Systems20, 14-33.

136. Kumar, M., & Sharma, S. C. PSO-based novel resource scheduling technique to improve QoS parameters in cloud computing. Neural Computing and Applications, 1-24.

135. Kumar, M., Sharma, S. C., Goel, A., & Singh, S. P. (2019). A comprehensive survey for scheduling techniques in cloud computing. Journal of Network and Computer Applications.

134. Aida A. Nasr, Kalka Dubey, Nirmeen A. El-Bahnasawy, S. C. Sharma, Gamal Attiya and Ayman El-Sayed, "HPFE: a new secure framework for serving multi-users with multi-tasks in public cloud without violating SLA", Neural Computing and Applications [SCI-Indexed][Springer IF: 4.213]

133. Trilok kumar saini, S.C. Sharma, " Prominent unicast routing protocols for Mobile Ad hoc Networks: Criterion, classification, and key attributes", Ad Hoc Network Journal, Vol. 89 (2019), pp. 58-77 [SCI-Indexed]

132. Trilok kumar saini, S.C. Sharma, "Self manage Access Scheme for Demand Request in TDM/TDMA Star Topology Network", DRDO Defence journalVol. 69 (2019), pp. 80-86 [SCI-Indexed] 

Year : 2018

131. Tushar Bhardwaj, S.C. Sharma, Fuzzy logic-based elasticity controller for autonomic resource provisioning in parallel scientific applications: A cloud computing perspective, Computers and Electrical EngineeringVol. 70 (2018), pp. 1049-1073 [SCI-E Indexed] [Elsevier, IF: 1.747]

130. Mohit Kumar and S. C. Sharma. "PSO-COGENT: Cost and Energy Efficient scheduling in Cloud environment with deadline constraint." Sustainable Computing: Informatics and Systems (2018) (Elsevier IF=1.80) [SCI-E Indexed] Status:  Published.  DOI:

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Year : 2017


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Year : 2016

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Year : 2015

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Year : 2014

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  •  Set up and development of a Distributed Computer System (DCS) Control Lab for student projects, thesis and research work under AICTE sponsored project as PI and In-charge Instrumentation Lab.1999-2008.  Set up a Electronics Lab. for B.Tech first year students (about 100) in 2007-2009.