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At Robert Bosch, Bangalore

Duration: 2.5 Months

Project: Automation of Verification Test using Robotic Arm


            I got internship On Campus after resume shortlisting and two telephonic Interviews. My team in Bosch was involved in verification tests of an ECU (Engine Control Unit) which is basically a PCB with large number of IC’s on it. Entire testing was semi-automated and only thing manually done was that probes were being placed manually on the nets or via’s of the ECU and waveforms were captured at those nets. Since manually placing the probes is a tedious task, less efficient and prone to errors, so my work was to look for a technology typically a sort of robotic arm which automatically probes at the internal points of the ECU.

This technology is called Flying Probes. So I contacted the companies supplying the equipment, did the analysis which one (weather single head or dual head flying prober) would be best suited to our requirements, and made changes in the existing setup so as to accommodate the flying prober. This Equipment is worth Rs 40 Lakhs and is being purchased now, it would be installed by the end of August 2014.

Harsh Kumar



 At University of Washington, Seattle, United States of America

I have done my summer internship at Electrical Engineering Department, University of Washington, Seattle, USA. Duration of Internship was from 1st June, 2014 to 31st July, 2014.

Area of my Internship was “Analog Integrated Circuit Design of Different Topologies for Front end of Positron Emission Tomography and Digital Design Aspects of Time to Digital Convertors”.

          I have got this internship by contacting my professor through his mail. I started applying in October 2013 ( its good if you start early). Internship in US requires a significantly large amount of paper work which may take as long as 3 months to complete, this was the reason for late start date of my internship.

          It is highly beneficial to have a foreign internship. Foreign Internship is like a star on your resume, there are some important thing which differentiates foreign internships from others, First you get an exposure to research environment of US universities (which may help you in making decisions regarding further studies and finding your area of interest), Quality of work that you do in your internship is better then what is generally given in other internships, You get to work in a different cultural environment, learn about their cultures which is helpful if you plan to study or work in a different country and it is also helpful at the time of recruitment of some multinational companies. You can visit a large number of beautiful places which you dream to visit (like I have visited New York and Chicago).

          Overall this internship was a great experience for me. I have learnt a lot of skills related to Integrated Circuit Design. These skills would be helpful for me for achieving my research oriented goals in the field of IC Design. I have got an exposure to a research environment of a premier US university. I have got an opportunity to work with great people in my research lab especially my advisor.

          If you want any further information regarding application process or any other information feel free to contact me. I am Harshit Sihare, my email id is


At University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

Hello, I’m S.Sagar Varma. Here is a brief description of my internship experience:

I did an internship at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. It was a two and a half months stay for me there. Being subjective in my description, I would say that it was the most awesome experience I’ve ever had till date. I was working in association with some PhD students. In fact, they were the people who made me feel comfortable in a new place where I did not even have any acquaintance and helped me throughout my stay there. Working with them also stimulated my intellectual thought process.

The university was extremely impressive with spectacular campus and state-of-the-art infrastructure. The Professor was an amiable person, which was an added advantage. I learnt the original meaning of the word “politeness” over there from Americans. They’re so convivial that interaction with them revitalizes you. I also learnt to tackle hard times of life with perseverance. Also, through my interaction with people of different nationalities, I got to know something about their culture, traditions, practices, etc.

Lastly, my project was in the VLSI domain. Specifically, it was a VLSI circuit design task. I was developing a 16-bit two-stage pipelined microprocessor chip using the 16-nm FinFET technology from TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company). I developed the full-custom design of the transistor-level circuit of the processor through simulations using Cadence and Synopsis EDA tools.

All in all, it was a fantastic experience and is difficult to verbalize.

Sagar Verma



At Non-destructive evaluation laboratory at Michigan State University, USA

I did my summer research intern-2014 in the Non-destructive evaluation laboratory at Michigan State University, US under the guidance of Professor Lalita Udpa. I was shortlisted for the S. N. Bose scholars program-2014 which gave me this opportunity. I was actually working in the field of machine learning.

Being there in US for 10 weeks was just a drop in the bucket in experiencing all that it has to offer. Before the S.N Bose program, I didn’t know how it was like studying abroad but by going there, I was able to truly experience US while working in a research lab at the frontline of its field. Working in a completely new lab setting helped expand my realm  of knowledge specific to the topic I was studying.

It was also fun to meet student interns from all over the US and India who had similar internships.

Outside the lab we did a lot of traveling and got to explore many different parts of the country to experience a variety of climates, culture and especially food. Overall this internship was truly a lifetime experience.




At Qualcomm, India (Bangalore Division)

Qualcomm is a dream company for people who would like to get an internship in the core. Also from placement point of view it provides a good package and the work environment is also nice.

I did my internship in Qualcomm India (Bangalore division).

Qualcomm comes to campus with three profiles VLSI,ECE and software. Mine was in VLSI . It also has an CGPA criteria(above 8).

The company came for internship in first week of October.I started my preparation in the month of August .There is a written test which comprises of three sections: aptitude , coding , VLSI(or ECE or SOFTWARE) .

For aptitude section you can practice from the internet . Everybody has a good aptitude but it’s the practice that can make a difference that day.

Then there is coding section which includes questions to find the output of the given codes. This section doesn’t test your coding language skills but how quickly can  you identify the pattern in loops and calculate the output.

For Vlsi sections questions can be from  linear circuits, principles of digital communication, digital electronics . Although  during my time all the questions were from subjects we didn’t study.I would recommend you to prepare the following subjects  : Digital Electronics, Linear Circuits , Signals and Systems &Computer Architecture  .


Then after the test there is a technical interview . Questions are asked from digital electronics , CMOS circuits, Little bit of computer architecture and the projects you might have written in your resume.

After that there is a HR interview which is of very little duration . They basically ask about further education .Whether you want to do a job or do further studies . Qualcomm is company which takes interns so that it can make them as future employees .So don’t screw up here.

Once you clear your written round its easy to clear the interviews.

I was put in Validation and Integration team in Qualcomm . Their work includes verification of hardware and integrate new hardware(Different cores ) . My work included writing test cases for checking cache synchronization, checking interrupts & analysis of cache stress test cases and their improvement.

Qualcomm provides all facilities for interns like housing ,travel and also take you for many fun filled activities. It also has compeitions like Idea Quest in which interns get a chance to work on their idea for two weeks and present in front of the site lead.

Best of Luck!!


Rishabh Bhatnagar



At TCS Innovation Lab Pune

My joining date was 16th June, 2014 .The duration of the whole internship was 2 months, I left there on 17 July, 2014.

 After meeting up my mentor/project guide who briefed me about the projects I will be doing based on my interests. I was given a desk and a computer system of my own. 

First things first, one needs to get a form signed by various departments inside the office like the infrastructure, library, HR office etc. The first week was very boring since all I was doing was reading research papers all day in the office , and forming some background on the work I was about to do. Also I had to use python, which I had never used before, so the first week went into getting the prerequisites completed. After that the interesting work started, I was able to complete the first project I was allotted in 2 weeks. It was an image processing based projects, I had to do a VIS classification of satellite images of Pune (multispectral images). My mentor was very helpful in completing it and also gave me a sense of satisfaction after the very boring first week. Then my second project started, on which not much work had been done, all the research papers i found were not fully able to describe the solution to the application. I had to implement a SOAP based web service which followed OGC guidelines. After developing a basic web service , I realized that it would be impossible to make a full-fledged web service following the reqd. guidelines within time , which is when i started looking for plugins that could do it for me , I came across one which would suit my need. I wrote many processes inside that web service then made a web portal which used it and applied all its processes, my mentor to help me as best as he could but this was not his area of expertise, so most of the work came on me. One of these processes was my first project, hence my first project was immediately being used. 

The new things I learned was Python , machine learning algorithms, Web Service and their communication methods, Image processing through Python, intensive Object -oriented programming, SQL(postgres) and database management.

Apart from the work I did, other things like the work environment was very nice. The office was well air conditioned, and was a beautiful building, from time to time there were activities like testing out a new app where they would conduct experiments with you, the mentors all seemed very knowledgeable and nice people, and most of them were very young. Office location although was pretty bad (very close to a garbage dump). There were no excursions or trips from their part, at the end i felt a little overworked, all of which was compensated by the awesome stipend they were paying. (20k per month). I would recommend this internship to anyone who has an interest in both research and development and lives close to Pune. Regarding how I got it, one of our professors, Prof Panigrahi had suggested the TCS innovation Lab Bangalore to us, however I wanted to go to my home, which was in Pune, and the Innovation lab headquarters was also in Pune. I applied by myself in Pune through a contact, after which I had a test, and was finally selected.

Manush Gupta



At Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH), South Korea

This is a personal account of my internship at Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH), South Korea. I had spent 10 weeks working as a visiting research student at Prof Wee Sang Park’s Laboratory. I worked on two very interesting topics during my stay. The first was on Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) wireless mobile charging being one of the contemporary research examples. I designed my own 4-coil WPT system and optimized the results in Matlab. We even used a 3-D printer in this! The second and smaller one was designing and fabricating a microstrip antenna. I designed in CST microwave studio and fabricated on my own and later measured the results in anechoic chamber of another R&D lab.

The internship was academically not very over burdening. I had enough time for myself, to make friends, to go for regular excursions, to play, to try the local cuisine. The research scholars in my lab were, not surprisingly, very supportive and kind. They helped me whenever I got stuck- in the project, for the stipend, for accommodation. For them the lab was like their second hostel- they would brush, work, take a nap, order food all in the lab. They would stay in the lab, though, till up to 10 pm on a daily basis without the professor around (something unheard of here in India).

Gaining a research experience in South Korea was a really enriching opportunity for me. And I would recommend it to all of you who would like to spend their summer at a university with honest and hardworking people around.

You can contact me for further information

Samarth Saxena



At Kyungpook National University (KNU), South Korea

Area of Intern:  Robotic Control System

Topic of Intern: Improving Dynamic stability of quadruped robot

How I got it: I was working on a four legged robot (An INDO-KOREA Project) in mechanical dept. since my 3rd semester under Prof. P. M. Pathak (professor in mechanical dept.). I contacted Prof J.M Yang through Pathak Sir. And thus Prof Yang gave me opportunity to work with him in Korea.

Brief description about project in KNU: During quadruped motion, its body gets tilted and it may result in falling of the robot. Prof. Yang had earlier developed algorithm for movement of a mass (attached to the robot body), with one degree of freedom, to stabilize robot. I improved this algorithm and developed algorithm for movement of mass with two degree of freedom, so as to achieve maximum possible stability.

It’s not only the project one should be fascinated with while going abroad.

There are lots of other perspective that are equally important. Most important is Exposure. You get to know about their technology and culture. And going abroad improves your personality as well. Professors also give offer for M.S.