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1. Various forms


    Casual Leave / Project Leave - Form (.PDF)

    Leave Application for HODs - Form (.DOC) (.PDF)

    Earned Leave (.DOC) (.PDF)

    Ex India Leave (more than 1 month) (.DOC) (.PDF)

    Ex India Leave (up to 1 month) (.DOC) (.PDF)

    Earned_Commuted_ Half Pay Leave for Faculty (.PDF)

    EOL (.PDF)


    Attending National Conference - Form (.DOC) (.PDF)

    Application for grant of full financial assistance for attending conference abroad (.DOC) (.PDF)

    Proposal for Students Tour - Form (.DOC) (.PDF)

    Application for LTC Advance - Form (.DOC) (.PDF)


    Advance Request - Form (.DOC) (.PDF)

    TA - form (.DOC(.PDF)


    Medical Booklet (.PDF)

    Medical reimbursement - Form (.DOC) (.PDF)


    Reimbursement under Professional Development Allowance (PDA) - Form (.DOC) (.PDF)

    Reimbursment of Telephone Bill - Form (.DOC) (.PDF)


    Bill submission - Form (.DOC) (.PDF)


    No Dues Forms (.DOC) (.PDF)



    Faculty Page - Form (.DOC) (.PDF)

    Faculty Performance Appraisal (.PDF)


    Change of Declared Home Town (.PDF)

    Approval for Special Lecturers by Guest Speakers (.PDF)


    Scholarship claim form for PhD Students (.DOC) (.PDF)


    House Allotment Application Form (.DOC) (.PDF)


    Annual Property Return (.DOC) (.PDF)



2. Dean, SRIC - forms


3. Dean, Academics & Research - forms


4. Establishment Office - forms


5. Finance & Accounts Office


6. Intellectual Property Rights Cell - Forms