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Agrawal P.N.
Agrawal, P.N. Professor pnappfma[at] 01332-285033(Off)
Areas of Interest
  • Real and Complex Analysis,Numerical Analysis, Mathematical Methods ., Approximation Theory, Complex Analysis.q- calculus, (p,q) calculus
Professional Background
April 1981Dec 1991LecturerUniversity of Roorkee
2014continuingProfessor ( HAG scale )I.I.T.Roorkee
Dec 1991Sept 1994Senior LecturerMoi University, Kenya
Oct 1994Aug 1995Lecturer (Selection Grade)University of Roorkee
Sept 1995May 1996ReaderUniversity of Roorkee
June 1996March 1998Assistant ProfessorUniversity of Roorkee
April 1998May 2001Associate ProfessorUniversity of Roorkee
June 2001On GoingProfesssorIIT Roorkee
Honors and Awards
Gold MedalPPN College, Kanpur1975
Invitation to write two research articles in Encyclopedia of MathematicsKluwer Academic Publishers1997
Member, BOS for two years DIT University, DehradunApril,2016
Educational Details
B.Sc.MathematicsAgra University1973
M.Sc.MathematicsKanpur University1975
Administrative Background
Sept. 2012Aug 2014DRC ChairmanIIT Roorkee
April,2014April,2016Member,DACIIT Roorkee
April,2014April,2016Member,FSCIIT Roorkee
April,2014April,2014Chairman,Load distribution committeeIIT Roorkee
July,2013Dec.,2013Chairman,MA570 and MA611 projects committee distribution committeeIIT Roorkee
Sept. 2014On going O. C. Library IIT Roorkee
20152016Chairman, Grade Moderation Committee IIT Roorkee
20152016Chairman, Project Evaluation Committee IIT Roorkee
July 2016OngoingCo-ordinator, MAN- 001IIT Roorkee
2015ongoingO.C.ContigencyI.I.T. Roorkee
Participation in seminars
NamePlaceSponsored ByDate
102nd Indian Science Congress, 2015Mumbai UniversityISCAJan. 3-7
  • Indian Science Congress Association, Member
Teaching Engagements
TitleCourse CodeClass NameSemester
Real and Complex AnalysisMA 901Pre Ph. D. Course, 2015Autumn
Approximation TheoryMA629 IM.Sc. II Year Ind. Maths 2015-16.Spring
Mathematics IMAN 001B.Tech. I year 2016- 17 Batch M5- M8Autumn
Approximation TheoryMAN-644M.Sc. ( Mathematics), Pre- Ph.D.Spring
Complex Analysis IIMAN-510Integrated M.Sc. 4th YearSpring
Complex Analysis IIMAN-510M.Sc. Integrated IV YearSpring
Mathematics IMAN 001B.Tech. I Year, 2015Autumn
Mathematics IMAN 001B.Tech. I Year, 2015-16, N1 batchSpring
Mathematics IMAN 001B.Tech. I Year, 2015-16, N5 batchSpring
Mathematics IMAN 001B.Tech. I Year, 2015-16, P5 batchSpring
AnalysisMA-901Pre- Ph.D.Autumn
Approximation TheoryMAN-644M. Sc. Mathematics II YearSpring
Projects and Thesis Supervised
Title of ProjectNames of Students
Some Problems in Approximation by modified Lupas operatorsMr. Mahendra Pal Singh
Dunkl generalization of q- Szasz- Mirakjan- Kantorovich operators for functions of two variablesAnshu Yadav
Bezier variant of Baskakov- Szasz type Km. Lipi
Approximation by Jakimovski Leviatan Durrmeyer type operatorsDinesh Meena
Rate of covergence of new Gamma type operators for function withderivative of bounded variationAjay Kumar
Convergence of general Gamma type operatorsAlok Kumar
Generalized Baskakov Durrmeyer type operators Avantika Sharma
Applications of q-calculusAnjana Deepu
Combination of Summation Integral Type OperatorsMr. Ajay Kumar
A Study of Durrmeyer Variant of Bernstein Type operatorsMs. Avantika Sharma
Approximation by a Family of Positive Linear OperatorsMr. Alok Kumar
On Statistical Convergence of Linear Positive OperatorsMs. Khushboo Bansal
Chlodowsky variant of q-Bernstein Schurer Stancu operators Ms. Neha Srivastava
Bivariate q-Bernstein-Chlodowsky Durrmeyer operators Ms. Anjali Jaiswal
Approximation by q-Chlodowsky operators Mr. Deepak Kumar Vishwakarma
(p,q) Bernstein operators for functions of one and two variablesJyoti Yadav
Bernstein Durrmeyer operators based on two variablesAviral Mishra
Bivariate Bernstein Schurer Kantorovich operators based on q- integersRajat Kumar, G. Rohit, Vishwadeep Gautam
On Sharp Estimates and Linear Combination of Modified Bernstein PolynomialsAvadhesh Chandra Sharma
Approximation by Linear Combinations of Modified Lupas OperatorsMr. Vinod Kumar
Direct Theorems in Approximation By Modified Szasz OperatorsMs. Sumedha Chaudhari
Direct Theorems in Approximation By Combinations of Phillips OperatorsMs. Amita
Approximation By Linear Combination of Modified Baskakov Type OperatorsMr. Jitendra Kumar Saini
Approximation of Unbounded Functions By Linear Combination of Modified Baskakov OperatorsMr. Avaneesh Kumar Jain
On Lupas Baskakov Type OperatorsMr. Vijay Kumar
Rate of Convergence by Certain Linear Positive OperatorsMs. Shalini
Approximation of Unbounded Functions by Integral Baskakov Type OperatorsMs. Ashok Pal
On Certain Positive Linear OperatorsMr. Rajkumar
Approximation by Modified Lupas OperatorsMr. Vijay Kumar
Bernstein Polynomial and its GeneralizationMr. Ajay Kumar
Weierstrass Theorem and Bernstein PolynomialsMr. Sachin Kumar
Cubic Splines and its ApplicationsMr. Mukesh Kumar
Entire and Meromorphic FunctionsMr. Anuj Jain
On q-Baskakov Type OperatorsMr. Deepak Kumar
Improved Approximation by Stancu Type OperatorMr. Vamsinadh Thota
Polynomial Approximation of FunctionsMr. Sandeep Kumar
King Type Modification Schurer OperatorsMr. Mayank
Cubic Spline and ApproximationMr. Mohit Kumar
PHDs Supervised
TopicScholar NameStatus of PHDRegistration Year
On Certain Linear Positive Approximation MethodsDr. Vijay GuptaAApril 1987
Approximation by GBS operatorsMs. RuchiOJuly, 2015
A Study of Approximation Properties of Certain Linear OperatorsSheetal DeshwalOJuly, 2014
Approximation by Certain Linear Positive OperatorsDr. Kareem Jabr ThamerAJan 1988
On Certain Summation Integral Type OperatorsDr. Ali Jassim MohammadAJan 2001
Approximation by Combinations of Operators of Summation Integral Type Dr. Asha Ram GairolaAJan 2004
Approximation of Functions By Certain Positive Linear OperatorsMr. Karunesh Kumar SinghAAug 2008
On Certain Linear Methods of ApproximationMr. Durvesh Kumar VermaAJuly 2009
On q Analogue of Certain Positive Linear OperatorsMr. A. Sathish KumarAJuly 2011
Approximation by certain positive linear methods of convergence Ms. Meenu GoyalADec 2013
Rate of convergence of certain positive linear approximation methods Mr. Arun KajlaADec 2013
Modified Schurer type q-Bernstein Kantorovich operatorsManjari SidharthOJan 2014
Approximation by Chlodwsky variant of q-Bernstein Schurer type operatorsPooja GuptaOJuly 2014
Approximation by bivariate q-Bernstein Chlodowsky durrmeyer operators Trapti NeerOJuly 2014
Approximation TheoryDharmendraOJuly, 2016
Visits to outside institutions
Institute VisitedPurpose of VisitDate
Abant Izzet Baysal University, Bolu, Turkey delivering lectures in the Department of Mathematics, From May 27- June 3, 201427/5-3/6
Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, Romania delivering an invited talk May 28, 16
Participation in short term courses
Couse NameSponsored ByDate
One day Workshop on Applicable AnalysisQIP centreMarch 5,16
Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 2016QIP centreJuly, 4-8
Integral equations, Calculus of Variations and their ApplicationsNPTELFeb., 17
Courses or Conferences Organised
Conference NameSponsored ByDate
International Conference on Recent Trends in Mathematical Analysis and its Applications, 2014IIT Roorkee, Univ. of Central Florida, DST, UCOST, Dept. of Continuing Education Dec.21-23
Special Lectures Delivered
Engineering Mathematics I (Pedagogy Project NPTEL)Roorkee31.4.16
Weierstrass theorems , existence and unicity of best approximationQIP centreMarch 5,16
NPTEL Phase IETC, IITR2013-14
Short term course on Mathematical Analysis and ApplicationsQIP centreJuly 4-8,
Mathematical Methods and its ApplicationsIIT RoorkeeAug. 26
National International Collaboration
Approximation TheoryProf. Ana Maria Acu, Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, RomaniaRP
Approximation TheoryProf. Zoltan Finta, Babes Bolyai University, Cluj Napoca, RomaniaRP
Approximation TheoryProf. Nurhayat Ispir, Gazi University, Ankara, TurkeyRP
Approximation TheoryProf. Gancho Tachev, University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and GeodesyRP
Approximation TheoryProf. Harun Karsli, Deparment of Mathematics, Abant Izzet Baysal University, Bolu, TurkeyRP
Approximation TheoryProf. Vijay Gupta, NSIT, New DelhiRP
Approximation TheoryProf. T.A.K.Sinha, Magadh UNiversity, BiharRP
Collaborated on Approximation Theory with Prof. Behar BaxhakuUniversity of Pristina, KosovoRP
Collaborated on Approximation theory with Prof. Serkan Araci , University of GaziantepFaculty of Science and Arts, Department of MathematicsPHD
Books Authored

A book on Recent Advances in Approximation by Linear Positive operators jointly with Prof. Vijay Gupta and Prof. Ana Maria Acu

Refereed Journal Papers

ppliSome Papers Published in Refereed Journals:

  1. P. N. Agrawal and K. J. Thamer, Approximation of Unbounded functions by a new sequence of linear positive operators, J. Math. Anal. Appl. 225 (2) (1998)  660-672. (IF 1.259)
  2. P. N. Agrawal and Ali. J. Mohammad, Approximation by iterative combination of a new sequence of linear positive operators, Proceedings of Vanderbilt conference "Advances in Constructive Approximation, 2003", M. Neamtu and E. B. Saff (editors) 2004, 13-24.
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International/ National Conferences/Workshops  attended recently


1. International conference "Advances in Constructive Approximation, 2003"  Vanderbilt University, M. Neamtu and E. B. Saff (editors) 2004, 13-24.

2. First international conference on Mathematics and Statistics American University of  Sharjah (Sharjah, U.A.E.), March 18-21, 2010 

3.International Congress of Mathematicians, Hyderabad, India, August 19-27, 2010.

4.International Conference in Mathematics and Applications, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand, Dec. 17-19, 2011.

5. 99th Indian Science Congress, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar, India, Jan. 3-7, 2012.

6. National Conference on Pure and Applied Mathematics, Pune, India, Dec. 17-19, 2013. 

7. 76th annual conference of IMS at NIT Surat, Dec. 27-30, 2010.

8. International conference on recent advances in mathematical sciences and applications, Calcutta Mathematical Society, Calcutta,  Dec. 9-11, 2011.

9. International conference on mathematical sciences, Science college, Nagpur, Dec. 28-31, 2012.

10.102nd Indian Science Congress, 2015 (Jan. 3-7), Mumbai University.

11. International Congress in Honour of Prof. Ravi P.Agarwal, June 23-26, 2014, Uludag University, Bursa, Turkey.

12. 12th International Conference on Approximation Theory and its Applications, Sibiu, May 26-29, 2016, Romania.