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Dhanashri M. Joglekar
Dhanashri M. Joglekar DST INSPIRE Faculty dhanashri.joglekar.fme[at]
Areas of Interest
  • Wave propagation, NDE, Nonlinear dynamics, Computational mechanics, Finite and Spectral finite element methods for nonlinear problems in elastodynamics
Professional Background
July 2010Dec. 2010EngineerEaton India Engineering Center
July 2006Dec. 2006Graduate Engineer TraineeL&T India
Honors and Awards
Excellence in PhD ThesisIndian Institute of Technology Bombay2016
INSPIRE faculty fellowshipDepartment of Science and Technology2015
Educational Details
Ph.D. Aerospace EngineeringIndian Institute of Technology Bombay2016
M.Tech.Mechanical EngineeringIndian Institute of Technology Bombay2010
B.E.Mechanical EngineeringShivaji University2006
Sponsored Research Projects
TopicFunding AgencyYear
Nonlinear dynamics and control of inhomogeneously deforming Dielectric Elastomer ActuatorsDST2016
Refereed Journal Papers

1) Joglekar DM, Mitra M (2016) Analysis of flexural wave propagation through beams with a breathing crack using wavelet spectral finite element method, Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 76-77:576-591.

2) Joglekar DM, Mitra M (2015) Analysis of nonlinear frequency mixing in 1D waveguides with a breathing crack using spectral finite element method. Smart Materials and Structures 24:115004.

3) Joglekar DM, Mitra M (2015) A wavelet-based method for the forced vibration analysis of piecewise linear single- and multi-DOF systems with application to cracked beam dynamics. Journal of Sound and Vibration 358:217-235.

4) Joglekar DM, Mitra M (2015) Nonlinear analysis of flexural wave propagation through 1D waveguides with a breathing crack. Journal of Sound and Vibration 344:242–257.

5) Kulkarni DB* and Joglekar MM (2009) Residue minimization technique to analyze the efficiency of convective straight fins having temperature-dependent thermal conductivity, Applied Mathematics and Computation 215(6):2184-2191.

* Kulkarni DB is maiden name of Joglekar DM