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B. V. Manoj Kumar
B. Venkata Manoj Kumar Associate Professor manojfmt[at] 0091-8755746590
Areas of Interest
  • Research and teaching, Structural Ceramcis
  • Ceramics and tribology, Ultra high temperature ceramics
  • Research and teaching, Tribology
  • Research and teaching, Metal Matrix Composites
  • Research and teaching, Friction Stir Processing
  • Research and teaching, Martensitic Stainless Steels
Professional Background
2016ContinuingAssociate ProfessorIIT Roorkee
20112016Assistant ProfessorIIT Roorkee, India
20092011Research Professorthe University of Seoul (UOS), Seoul, South Korea
20082009Post-Doctoral FellowSeoul National University (SNU), Seoul, South Korea
20072007Project AssoicateIndian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur, India
20052006Guest ResearcherUniversity of Ljubljana (UOL), Ljubjana, Slovenia
20032007Research ScholarIndian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur, India
20012002Lecturer (Adhoc)National Institute of Technology (NIT), Warangal, India
Educational Details
PhDMaterials and Metallurgical EngineeringIIT Kanpur2007
Administrative Background
August2014May 2016Warden, Cautley BhawanIIT Roorkee
Sponsored Research Projects
TopicFunding AgencyYear
Strong and Wear Resistant SiC Nano Composites for Efficient Green Transport Engine SystemsDST2017
Nano-structured novel TiCN cermets for cutting tool applicationsDST2015
Erosion behavior of ZrB2-SiC compositesISRO2015
Enhancement of Wear Resistance of SiC-WC Composites for Tribological ApplicationsCSIR2014
Optimization of composition of two wheeler brake padsTVS Motor Company Ltd. Chennai2011
Analysis of Microstructural Defects in Austenitic Stainless Steel Wire RoadsRimjhim Stainless Ltd., Kanpur2016
Participation in seminars
NamePlaceSponsored ByDate
3rd International Congress on CeramicsOsaka, JapanProf. Y.-W. Kim, University of Seoul14-11-2010
Korean Ceramic Society meetingJeju , KoreaProf. Y.-W. Kim, University of Seoul22-04-2010
Korean Ceramic Society meetingChangwon, KoreaProf. Y.-W. Kim, University of Seoul22-04-2010
Korean Ceramic Society meeting,Dajeon, KoreaProf. Y.-W. Kim, University of Seoul19-10-2009
1st International Conference of Advanced TribologyNational University of Singapore, SingaporeSelf01-12-2004
International Symposium of Research StudentsChennai, IndiaSef20-12-2004
15th MRSI conference Banaras Hindu University, IndiaProf. B. Basu, IIT Kanpur15-04-2004
17th National Convention of Metallurgical and Materials Engineers and National Seminar on Emerging MBhopal, IndiaProf. B. Basu, IIT Kanpur2003-10-11
  • Tribology Society of India, Life Member
  • American Ceramic Society, Member
  • Indian Institute of Metals, Life Member
Teaching Engagements
TitleCourse CodeClass NameSemester
Materials ScienceMT-201BBTechSpring
Structure of MaterialsMT 501MTechAutumn
Engineering CeramicsMTN-513BTech/MTech/PhDAutumn
Ceramic and Metal Powder SynthesisMTN-304BTechSpring
Ceramic and Polymeric MaterialsMT 332 (N)BTechSpring
Materials ScienceMTN-106BTechSpring
Compsites and PolymersMT-401BTechAutumn
Projects and Thesis Supervised
Title of ProjectNames of Students
Studies on erosion wear behavior of SiC-WC comopsitesMr. Sandan Kumar Sharma
Soild particle erosion behaviour of high purity titanium and tantalumMr. Sameer Upadhyay
Sliding wear behaviour of silicon carbide ceramicsMr. V. Madhusekhar
Tribological properties of advanced cermets systemMr. Prabhat Kumar Yadav
Effect of lubrication on sliding wear behavior of 13/4 martensitic stainless steelMr. Vipin Goyal
Tribological study of friction stir processed aluminium alloy surface compositesMr. Ranjeet Kumar Singh Yadav
Sliding wear behavior of SiC ceramics sintered with small amount of yttriaMs. Supriya Gupta
Effect of SiC particle size on sliding wear behavior of friction stir processed 5083 alloyMr. Yashpal
Erosion studies of heat treated martensitic stainless steelMr. Samanvay Shah
High temperature erosion wear of SiC-TaC ceramic compositesMr. Kapil
High temperature erosion wear of TiCN based cermetsMr. Dinesh Singh
Research Scholar Groups
Scholar NameInterest
Mr. Sandan Kumar SharmaSiC ceramics, Wear, SPS
Mr. Vikas VermaCermets, Wear, SPS
Mr. Vipin SharmaMetal matrix composites, friction stir processing, tribology
Mr. Rajavel MuttaiahAl alloy composites, SPS, wear
Mr. YashpalZrB2 ceramics, SPS, erosion
Sonali JamaleBoron carbide ceramics, wear
Ch. Suryaprakas Rao SiC, TiB2
Nilesh DorkarSiC, BN, wear
PHDs Supervised
TopicScholar NameStatus of PHDRegistration Year
Fabrication and Tribology of friction stir processed Al alloy surface compositesMr. Vipin SharmaA2011
Tribological behaviour of SiC-WC compositesMr. Sandan Kumar SharmaA2012
Devlopment and wear study of heat treated SiC reinforced 6061AA compositesMr. Rajavel MuttaiahA2012
ZrB2 based ceramic composites for erosion resistance applicationsMr. YashpalO2015
Boron carbide ceramic composites for wear applicationsMs. Sonali JamaleO2016
Electromehanical properties of SiC ceramicsCh. Suryaprakas Rao O2017
SiC-BN composites for wear applicationsNilesh DorkarO2017
Developement and wear properteis of TaC based composites Ms. Smita PandeyO2017
Visits to outside institutions
Institute VisitedPurpose of VisitDate
Yokohama National UniversityInvited talk at Yokohama National UniversityDec. 2017
University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, SloveniaIndo- Slovnia collaborative research project May 2016
University of Seoul, Seoul, South KoreaFor inivited lectureSept.2015
PACRIM11 2016, ICC Jeju, South KoreaInvited speaker in PACRIM 11 2016 ConferenceSept 2015
University of SeoulGuest SceintistDec 2011
University of SeoulResearch Professor2009-2011
University of Ljubljana, SloveniaGuest Researcher2005-2006
Seoul National University, SeoulPost-Doctoral Researcher2008-2009
National University of Singapore, SingaporeFor contributory talk in a 1st International Conference of Advanced TribologyDec 2004
Special Lectures Delivered
Advanced Structural CeramicsJaipur Engineering College & Research Centre, Jaipur,14/03/2015
Fundamentals of CeramicsCoimbatore Institute of Technology, Coimbatore, India03/11/2014
Processing and Wear Properties of Si2N2O Phase-free Nano Si3N4 CeramicsIISc, Bangalore, India21/12/2013
Introduction to Structural CeramicsJNTUK, Vijayanagaram, A.P.13/03/2014
Structural CeramicsDept of MME, IIT Roorkee29/01/2014
Commercialization of Academic ResearchIIT Roorkee 07/02/2014
“Processing and Tribological Properties of Advanced Ceramic SystemARCI, Hyderabad27/12/2010
Material Removal Mechanisms of a New Generation Cermets: TiCN-Ni-MC (M: W, Nb, Ta, Hf)DMRL, Hyderabad26/12/2010
Grain size and wear properties of zirconia ceramicsKorea University, Seoul, Korea05/02/2009
Understanding tribological properties of TiCN-Ni based cermets IIT Delhi, India20/08/2008
Understanding tribological properties of TiCN-Ni based cermetsSeoul National University, Seoul, Korea.13/02/2008
Fretting wear behaviour of Mg-SiCp composites: Evolution of wear mechanismsIIT Kanpur08/12/2006
“India, IITs and Research work at IITK Ceramic laboratoryUniversity of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia.07/12/2005
National International Collaboration
Wear resistant SiC ceramicsUniversity of Seoul, SeoulRP
Nano-structured cermets for cutting tool applicationsUniversity of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, SloveniaRP
Refereed Journal Papers

Review Articles:

  1. Sandan Kumar Sharma, B. V. Manoj Kumar, Young-Wook Kim, Tribological Behavior of Silicon Carbide Ceramics - A Review, Journal of the Korean Ceramic Society 2016; 53:581-596
  2. Vipin Sharma, Ujjwal Prakash and B.V. Manoj Kumar, Surface Composites by Friction Stir Processing: A Review, Journal of Materials Processing and Technology 2015;224:117-134
  3. B. V. Manoj Kumar and Young-Wook Kim. Processing of Polysiloxane-Derived Porous Ceramics- A Review, Science and Technology of Advanced Materials, STAM  2010: 11:044303   

Book Chapter:

  1. Vipin Sharma, Ujjwal Prakash and B. V. Manoj Kumar, Challenges in fabrication of surface composites by friction stir processing route, Advanced Composites for Aerospace, Marine and Land Applications II (Ed. T. Sano and T.S. Srivatsan), TMS (The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society), John Wiley & Sons 2015 pp 93-100 (ISBN 978-1-119-08226-2)

Research Articles:

  1. Sandan Kumar Sharma, B. Venkata Manoj Kumar, Young-Wook Kim. Tribology of WC reinforced SiC ceramics: Influence of counterbody.Friction 2018; 1-14
  2. S. S. Rathore, V. Verma, B.V. Manoj Kumar, Vikram V. Dabhade, Tribological behaviour of sinter-forged Fe-2Cu-0.7C-xMo alloys. Wear 2018:410–411: 222-231.
  3. Prabhat Chand Yadav, Sandan Kumar Sharma, B.Venkata Manoj Kumar, Sinhoo Kang, Effect of linear velocity on sliding wear behavior of TiCN based cermets, Materials Today: Proceedings 2018;5:17342–17349
  4. Sandan Kumar Sharmaa , B. Venkata Manoj Kumar, Blaz Brodnik Zugelj, Mitjan Kalin, Young-Wook Kim. Room and high temperature reciprocated sliding wear behavior of SiC-WC composites. Ceramics International 2017;43;16827-16834
  5. Sandan Kumar Sharma, B. Venkata Manoj Kumar, Young-Wook Kim. Effect of impingement angle and WC content on high temperature erosion behavior of SiC-WC composites- International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials 2017;68:166-171
  6. Sandan Kumar Sharma, Yashpal, Ashish W. Selokar, B. Venkata Manoj Kumar, T. Venkateswaran. High Temperature Erosion Behavior of Spark Plasma Sintered ZrB2-SiC Composites, Ceramics International 2017;43;8982-8988
  7. Vikas Verma, B. V. Manoj Kumar, Sliding wear behavior of SPS processed TaC-containing Ti(CN)-WC-NiCo cermets against Silicon Carbide. Wear 2017; 376-377; 1570-1579
  8. R Manoj Kumar, Pallavi Gupta, Sandan Kumar Sharma, Akshat Mittal, Manish Shekhar, Vijayesh Kumar, BV Manoj Kumar, Partha Roy, Debrupa Lahiri, Sustained drug release from surface modified UHMWPE for acetabular cup lining in total hip implant, Materials Science and Engineering C 2017;77:649–661
  9. Vikas Verma, B. V. Manoj Kumar, Processing of alumina-based composites via conventional sintering and their characterization, Materials and Manufacturing Processes 2017;32:21–26
  10. Vikas Verma, B. V. Manoj Kumar, Tribological characteristics of conventionally sintered TiCN-WC-Ni/Co cermets against cemented carbide, Ceramics International 2017; 43:368-375
  11. Vikas Verma, B. V. Manoj Kumar, Processing of TiCN-WC-Ni/Co cermets via Conventional and Spark Plasma Sintering Technique, Transactions of Indian Institute of Metals 2017;70: 843-853
  12. Vikas Verma, B. V. Manoj Kumar, Sinhoo Kang, Sliding wear behaviour of TaC-containing Ti(CN)-WC-Ni/Co cermets, International  Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology 2016; 13:1033-1042
  13. Supriya Gupta, Sandan Kumar Sharma, B. Venkata Manoj Kumar, Young-Wook Kim, Tribological characteristics of SiC ceramics sintered with a small amount of yttriaCeramics International 2015;41:14780-14789
  14. Sandan Kumar Sharma, B. Venkata Manoj Kumar, Young-Wook Kim, Effect of WC addition on sliding wear behavior of SiC ceramics, Ceramics International 2015;41:3427-3437.
  15. Manoj Kumar R, Sandan Kumar Sharma, B. V. Manoj Kumar, Debrupa Lahiri, Effects of Carbon Nanotube Aspect ratio on strengthening and tribological behaviour of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene composite, Composites: Part A  2015; 76: 62-72
  16. Yashpal, Vipin Sharma, B.V. Manoj Kumar, Issues in determining size of nano-crystalline ceramic particles by X-ray diffraction, Materials Today: Proceedings 2015;2: 3534 – 3538
  17. Vipin Sharma, Yahshpal, B. V. Manoj Kumar, Ujjwal Prakash, Friction stir processing strategies of uniform distribution of reinforcement in a surface composite, Materials and Manufacturing Processes 2016;31: 1384–1392.
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  52. Debasish Sarkar, B. V. Manoj Kumar, and Bikramjit Basu. Fretting Wear behavior of Ti(CN)-Ni Cermet: Influence of Secondary carbide content; Metals, Materials and Processes 2004; 16:397-402.


  • Coordinator QIP sponsored one-day workshop on “Spark Plasma Sintering: A Promising Technique to Develop Advanced Structural Materials” on February 13, 2016 at IIT Roorkee.
  • Coordinator QIP sponsored short term course “Materials and Processes for High Temperature Applications” during June 06-10, 2016 at IIT Roorkee.
  • Coordinator for Training of Trainers (ToT) Program, “Organising IP Creation & Management in HEIs” September 13-17, 2016, IIT Roorkee
  • Course coordinator, Short term course on “Materials Science Influence in Tribology of Engineering Ceramics, to be held from June 30 – July 04, 2014,
  • Course Coordinator, Short term course on “How to improve innovation and IP in HEIs,” February 03-07, 2014
  • Coordinator for one day workshop, “Innomania” 14 February, 2015 IIT Roorkee organized by TOCIC, IIT Roorkee
  • Coordinator for Two–day Orientation Program for research students of IIT Roorkee, “Importance of IP(Patents and copy rights) and commercial aspects of research” September 19-20, 2015, IIT Roorkee
  • Convener, QIP Workshop titled, “Establishment of Concept Materials Research Laboratory to meet the Futuristic Demands of Cutting Edge Technology,” September 22-23, 2012 at IIT Roorkee
  • Convener, Annual Day Celebrations 2012, Department of Metallurgical and Matrerials Engineering, September 22-23, 2012 at IIT Roorkee
  • Co-convener, QIP Workshop titled, “Market Demand of Materials Engineering Education in the Context of Industrial Growth,” November 4-5, 2011, IIT Roorkee