Upcoming Events
Shortlisted Candidates for the PhD Interview - 2024-25
Venue: Department of Earthquake Engineering
Date: 16th May 2024
Time: 10:00 a.m.
17th Symposium on Earthquake Engineering (17SEE) (17-19 November 2022)
The Department has been conducting Symposium on Earthquake Engineering (SEE) every fourth year since 1959. Following this tradition, the 17th edition of the symposium (17SEE) is scheduled to be held from 17th to 19th of November, 2022. The Symposium on Earthquake Engineering has remained a benchmark to identify and appreciate the progress of earthquake engineering in the country. We again expect students, researchers, academicians, engineers from different corners of the country and beyond to participate in this 3-day knowledge fest to avail the opportunity to know and learn different aspects of earthquake engineering.
1st Webinar Series on Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering (November 2021 to Octo
The 1st Webinar Series on Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering (will be held online during November 2021 to October 2022 A number of webinars by academician, eminent scientist or practicing engineer of international repute will be delivered online through social platform Cisco Webex. In last two decades, activities and requirement of GEE has increased in India due to many big infrastructure projects including high rise buildings, bridges, dams and power plants Therefore, this webinar series will help in enhancing the knowledge of faculty, students and engineers to deal with geotechnical issues during earthquakes These webinars assume great significance as it will provide a platform to review the recent developments in GEE.
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