Research Scholars
S. No Supervisor Enrl. No. Name of Students Area of Research
1 Prof. Himanshu Joshi 15917002 Rajesh Kr Vishwakarma Sustainable Urban Stormwater Management: The Indian Perspective
17917004 Monika Simon Environmental Hydrology-Restoration of Water Bodies
18917003 Sana Dhamija Environmental Hydrology
19917003 Priyanka Singh Environmental Quality
2 Prof. N. K. Goel 18917009 Bhanu Sharma Extended Hydrological Predictions
20917002 Ankush Implementing Non-Stationarity to Flood Frequency Analysis
3 Prof. D S Arya 18917002 Malla Mani Kanta Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources
20917007 Sushmita Urban Rainfall Synthesis and Urban Flood Modelling
21917009 Aman Kumar Study of Dynamics of Transition Between Droughts and Floods
18917008 Ashish Mishra Impact of Climate Change on Urban Floods
23917008 Shivendra Jaiswal TBD
4 Prof. M. K. Jain 19917004 Shubhankar Dass Watershed Modelling
19917006 Ajay Gupta Drought Studies
21917005 Sanjana Jain Runoff Response Due to Climate Dynamics
21917008 Abhishek Kumar Real-Time Discharge Estimation Using Non-Contact Hydrometric Measurements
22917002 Aniruddha Saha Water Accounting for Efficient Water Management
23917005 Pranita Joshi TBD
5 Prof. B. K. Yadav 19917002 Manik Goel Groundwater Hydrology
19917008 Jaswant Singh Management of Landfill Leachate
21917007 Vikas Chauhan Nutrient Flow Dynamics to Reservoirs
21917001 Deepak Tripathi Managed Aquifer Recharge in Saline Groundwater Zones
21917011 Prabhat Dwivedi Surface and Sub-Surface Interaction Under Climate Change
20917006 Rendy Anggriawan Degradation of Soil Quality and Remediation Techniques
22917004 Shravani Yadav Assessment of Contaminantion Transport Through Groundwater and Surface Water Interaction
22917001 Akansha Keshariya Assessment of Submarine Groundwater Discharge (SGD)
23917007 Sanjay Kumar TBD
23917001 Dheeraj Sonkar TBD
23917012 Negasi Haile Bihon TBD
6 Prof. Sumit Sen 18917005 Stuti Shah Hydrology of Mid-Himalayan Lake Systems
18300005 Bharbgabnanda Dass Ecohydrology Of Mountain Watersheds
19917001 Anshul Yadav Sediment Transport in Himalayan Watershed
21907002 Danziel Daniel Hydrological Assessment of Pine and Oak Dominated Watersheds In The Himalayas.
22917003 P Kedarnath Reddy TBD
7 Prof. Ankit Agarwal 20917001 Abinesh G Groundwater and Climate Change, Hydroclimatology Extreme Events, Non-Linear Dynamics
21917012 Sujata Kulkarni Understanding and Forecasting Indian Summer Monsoon using Complexity based Approach
21917004 Pankaj Ramji Dhote Satellite Altimetry and Hydrodynamic Modelling for Saparsely Gauged Basin
22917007 Akash Singh Raghuvanshi Anomalous Moisture Transport for Hydrological Extremes in a Changing Climate
23917009 Spandita Mitra TBD
8 Prof Bhaskar J Deka 20917009 Gaurav Vaghela Water Treatment and Desalination
21917006 Shubham Ketan Sharma Selectively Recovering Resources from Impaired Water Using Hybrid Md-Adsorbents Technology
23917003 Nagendra Kumar Jilagam TBD
23917002 Kunal Sharma TBD
23917006 Proneeta Uttam TBD
9 Pro. Ashutosh Sharma 20917008 Bejagam Vijaykumar Hydrological and Ecosystem Services Modeling
21917010 Pooja Patle Assessment of Current and Future Water Status of An Indian River Basin Using Water Accounting Plus
21907003 Nikunj kalubhai Mangukiya Hydrological and Hydrodynamic Modelling
23917010 Akriti Singh TBD
23917004 Prakhar Sharma TBD
23917011 Somisetty Anusha TBD
10 Prof. D S Arya , Prof. N K Goel 21917013 Tuhin Mukherjee Impact of Land use Land Cover Changes on Hydrological Regine