List of Faculties in Water Resources Development and Management Department
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Idhaya Chandhiran .I
Assistant professor
Ecohydrological modeling (crops, hydrology, land use, climate, nutrients & abatement strategies, water and soil quality- plot scale to watershed scale);, Agricultural systems modeling (cropping systems, smart/sustainable best management practices, soil health, Green House Gas emissions);, Quantification of nutrient (Carbon, Nitrogen, and Phosphorous) stocks across various spatial and temporal scales in agricultural and urban landscapes;, Nitrogen legacies and time lags in agricultural landscapes;, Hydrology, biogeochemistry, and sustainability of surface water storage features (irrigation tanks, lakes, ponds, wetlands, etc.);, Exploring Remote Sensing
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Thanga Raj Chelliah
Associate professor
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Large Electric Drives and Power Electronics, Power Electronics Applications in Hydropower Plants, Intelligent Irrigation Systems, Marine Electrification, Cyber Security for Industrial Control Systems
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Pradeep Kr. Jha
Metal Casting, Modeling and Simulation, Aluminium based Metal Matrix Composites, CFD based Modeling of Steelmaking Processes in Continuous Casting (Physical & Mathematical Modeling)
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Shailendra Kumar Joshi
Adjunct faculty
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M.L. Kansal
Water Resources - Planning & Management, Water Supply - Rural & Urban, Water Quality - Monitoring & Modelling, Hydropower System Planning and E-Flows, Project Management- Time & Cost Overruns, Performance - Risk, Reliability & Resilience Assessment and Uncertainties, Hydraulics of Flow - Pipe & Open Channel, Hydrology - Surface and Sub-surface, System Design / Optimization Techniques application in WRD&M, Flood Risk Management, Wetland and Mangrove Ecosystems
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K. S. Kasiviswanathan
Assistant professor
Hydrological Modelling , Reservoir operation; Flood and Drought Management; Optimization and Uncertainty Quantification
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Deepak Khare
Water Resources Planning & Management, Groundwater, Rainwater Harvesting, Watershed & Urban Water Management, Climate Change, Water Resources Structures
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Kritika Kothari
Assistant professor
Cropping system modeling, Climate change impacts and adaptations in agriculture, Multi-crop-model inter comparison and improvement, Irrigation water management.
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S.K. Mishra
Rainfall-Runoff Modelling, SCS-CN Methodology, Flood forecasting, Dam Break Studies, Irrigation and Drainage Engineering, Design of Irrigation and Drainage Structures, Reservoir operation, Environmental Engineering, Water and waste water audit
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Mohit Prakash Mohanty
Assistant professor
Flood risk management, Flood hazard mapping, Vulnerability analysis, Climate change impact assessment, Population exposure, Flood resilience mechanisms, Hydrological modelling, Design rainfall analysis for data-poor catchments, Statistical downscaling, Water and waste water treatment, Bio- kinetics modelling for pollutant removal
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Ashish Pandey
Head of department
Irrigation Water Management, Microirrigation, OFD Works, Soil and Water Conservation Engineering, Watershed Modeling, Remote Sensing and GIS Applications , Water Resources
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Basant Yadav
Assistant professor
Groundwater and contaminant hydrology, Water quality, Optimal remediation system design, Artificial Recharge, Rainwater harvesting, Conjunctive water use planning, Managed aquifer recharge and its impacts on groundwater quantity and quality, Integration of experimental, numerical, and data-based modeling in groundwater management studies