ISB Membership

Over 1,000 scientists from all parts of the country and abroad belong to the Indian Society of Biomechanics. The society will contribute in areas such as mass healthcare, rehabilitations, cardiovascular mechanics, ergonomics, modeling and simulation of biomechanics and also in games and sports including respiratory mechanics. Now nano-biomechanics, cell and tissue mechanics are also coming up rapidly and we will have to orient ourselves in this direction as well. We aspired to have linkages with other biomechanics societies in other parts of the world.

Fees and Subscription:

(I)     Life members within the country        Rs. 300.00
        (R&D and Educational Instituteions)
(II)    Life members residing abroad        US $ 250.00
         Please draw your cheque/draft in favour of  "Indian Society of Biomechanics"

Tentative Working Executive Committee Members  of the Society (As decided in the general body meeting on March 7, 2009):

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Dr. V. K. Katiyar

General Secretary
Dr. D. Shaw