Postgraduate Programmes(Including Ph.D.), Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
 Postgraduate Programmes(Including Ph.D.)

PG Programmes in Engineering and Architecture

M.Tech./M.Arch. & M.U.R.P.
Sl.No  Academic Department  Programmes Structure  Syllabus
 1 Architecture & Planning M.Arch. , M.U.R.P. M.Arch.,M.U.R.P. Syallbi for Architecture  & Planning
2 Chemical Engineering Computer Aided Process Plant Design
Industrial Pollution Abatement
Industrial Safety & Hazard Management

Chemical Engg

Syllabi for Chemical(Old)

Syllabi for Chemical(New)

3 Civil Engineering Environmental Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering 
Hydraulics Engineering
Geomatics Engineering
Structural Engineering (with
 Diversification in Bridge Engineering)
 Transportation Engineering (with
Diversification in Traffic Engineering)




Syllabi for Civil
4 Computer Sc. & Engg. Computer Science & Engg. M.Tech._CS Syllabi for CSE
5 Centre for Transportation Systems M.Tech. (Infrastructure Systems) Infrastructure Systems Syllabi for Transportation
6 Centre of Excellence in Disaster Mitigation & Management Disaster Mitigation & Management MTech_DM Syllabi for CoEDMM
7 Centre for Nanotechnology Nanotechnology MTech_NT Syllabi for Nano
   8 Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Artificial Intelligence
Data Science
Artificial Intelligence
Data Science
Artificial Intelligence
Data Science
9 Earthquake Engineering Soil Dynamics
Structural Dynamics
Seismic Vulnerability and Risk Assessment
Soil Dynamics
Structural Dynamics
Seismic Vulnerabiligy and Risk Assessment
Syllabi for Earthquake
10 Electrical Engineering Instrumentation & Signal  Electric Drives & Power Electronics
Power System Engineering
Systems and Control
Syllabi for Electrical
 11 Electronics & Communication Engineering Communication Systems
RF and Microwave Engineering
Microelectronics & VLSI Tech.
Microelectronics VLSI
RF Microwave

Syllabi for ECE

Revised Syllabi for ECE

12  Hydrology Surface Water Hydrology
Ground Water Hydrology
Watershed Management
Dam Safety and Rehabilitation**
Surface Water

Ground Water

Watershed Management
Dam Safety and Rehabilitation
Syllabi for Hydrology

Dam Safety and Rehabilitation
13 Hydro and Renewable Energy Alternate Hydro Energy Systems
Environment Management of Rivers and Lakes

Syllabi for HRED
 14 Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Machine Design Engineering Production & Industrial Systems Engg.
Thermal Engineering
Welding Engineering
Additive & Joining Technologies***
CAD, CAM & Robotics
Machine Design

Additive & Joining Technologies
CAD CAM Robotics
Syllabi for MIED

Syllabi for Additive & Joining Technologies
 15 Metallurgical & Materials Engg. Industrial Metallurgy
Materials Engineering
Industrial Metallurgy
Materials Engg
Syllabi for Metallurgy
 16 Paper Technology Pulp & Paper Engineering
Packaging Technology
Pulp & Paper
Packaging Technolgy
Syllabi for Pulp & Paper
17 Polymer and Process Engineering M.Tech. (Polymer Science and Engineering) Structure Syllabi
 18 Water Resources Development & Management Irrigation Water Management
Water Resources Development
Syllabi for WRDM
**Approved vide Senate Item No. 86.7 dated: Feb 09,2021.
***Renaming of existing Welding Engineering as Additive & Joining Technologies w.e.f. Academic year 2021 approved vide IAPC Item No. 101.2.7 dated: Mar 19/21, 2021.
P.G. Diploma (For Sponsored Candidates)


Sl. No Academic Department Programme
1  Hydrology  Hydrology
2  Water Resources Development & Management Irrigation Water Management
Water Resources Development


PG Programmes in Sciences, Management and Computer Applications


Sl. No Academic Department Specialisation  Structure  Syllabi
1  Biotechnology M.Tech. (Bioprocess Engineering) M.Tech. (Bioprocess Engineering)  
2  Chemistry Advanced Methods of Chemical Analysis MTech_AMCA Syllabi for Chemistry
3  Physics Solid State Electronic Materials





M.Des. / MIM

Sl. No Academic Department Specialisation  Structure  Syllabi



M.Des. (Industrial Design)*
MIM (Masters in Innovation Management)*
M.Des. (Industrial Design)
MIM (Masters in Innovation Management)
M.Des. (Industrial Design)
MIM (Masters in Innovation Management)

*Approved vide Senate Item No. 86.13 dated: Feb 09,2021.


Sl. No Academic Department Programmes  Structure  Syllabi
1 Management Studies Master of Business Administration (MBA) MBA

Syllabus of MBA papers

Syllabus of Institute electives

2 Management Studies Term wise MBA Program Structure Syllabi


Doctoral Programmes

Research programmes leading to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy ( Ph.D. ) are available in all academic departments of the Institute. While 231 new candidates were admitted to Ph.D. programmes, a total of 1939 candidates are working for their Ph.D. degree in the session 2017-18. The Ph.D. thesis is evaluated by the supervisor(s) and by three external examiners, two Indian and one abroad. If the examiners recommend acceptance of the thesis, a viva voce examination of the candidate is arranged at Roorkee. The recommendations of the Board of Examiners are considered by the Senate , which approves the award of Ph.D. degree to the candidate.


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