Guest Houses
 U.G. Club

 Students club is located in the heart of campus and is a major stress buster for students after hectic work loads and tutorials. Students can fancy themselves various indoor games like


The club is a major center of attraction especially during cricket matches as it has a 29 inch color TV with the perfect ambience and surround sound which makes watching cricket matches a really wonderful experience. Various section of Cultural Society conducts these Quizzes & rehearsal of programmes throughout the year in T.V. Hall. A rink just outside the students club an ideally place for celebration of Festival & putting install during COGNIZENCE & THOMSO.


UG club, Table Tennis, IIT Roorkee Table Tennis, UG Club @ IIT Roorkee
 Snooker UG Club , IIT Roorkee  Snooker, UG club @ IIT Roorkee
 Snooker, UG club , IIT Roorkee  Foose Ball, UG club , IIT Roorkee