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 Aarohi Child Care Centre

AAROHI Child Care Centre is a part of IIT, which takes care of the children of employees/ students/research scholars. It is a common Institute facility essentially meant for staff-welfare.

Address: DS I-II, DS Barrack, behind Govind Bhawan

Ph No.: 01332-284379


Activities: Activities on daily basis


Send your children to AAROHI IIT Child Care Centre for Personal Care, Healthy Environment, Games. You will find your child is safe inside, more happy, active and becoming more cooperative.

AAROHI IIT Child Care Centre is fully equipped with modern sophisticated facilities and Games to the children of busy and loving mother. AAROHI IIT Child Care Centre is run by dedicated management & staff. We know that one cannot substitute your love, affection and care. But, we try our best. Your children will feel at home, will learn to make friends and childhood memories to cherish for lifetime.

Admission Age: 6 months to 10 years

Fee Structure

Fee (per month) 3000.00
Admission Fee 2000.00 (Not refundable)
Development Fee 1000.00 (Yearly and non refundable)
Security Fee 1000.00 (Refundable)

Please download application form here (Click here)
Kindly fill it and  get it forwarded by faculty coordinator before submission to Aarohi.  

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