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 Choreography And Dance Section
  Choreography And Dance Section

The official and the only Dance Group of IIT Roorkee.

To show that IIT is not about just geeks there is more to us than that. We gather the best dancers from the campus and practice until we are ready to rock the stage.

  • Akanksha Sharma
    Akanksha Sharma
  • Girish Kumar Ahirwar
    Girish Kumar AhirwarMember
  • Purva Gehlot
    Purva Gehlot
  • Saloni Verma
    Saloni VermaMember
  • Aditi Bhatt
    Aditi BhattMember
  • Navita
  • Soumya Mishra
    Soumya MishraMember
  • Ujjwal Vasisht
    Ujjwal VasishtMember
  • Anjana Deepu
    Anjana DeepuMember
  • Neha Agrawal
    Neha AgrawalMember
  • Dimple Singhania
    Dimple Singhania
  • Jyoti Chopra
    Jyoti ChopraMember
  • Adarsh Singh
    Adarsh SinghMember
  • Deepak Bodh
    Deepak Bodh
  • Vaibhav Chandra Dass
    Vaibhav Chandra DassMember
  • Nitish Kumar
    Nitish KumarMember
  • Prateek Shrivastava
    Prateek Shrivastava
  • Samruddha Sanjay Bangar
    Samruddha Sanjay BangarMember
  • Amit Kumar Meena
    Amit Kumar Meena
  • Akshay Paliwal
    Akshay PaliwalMember
  • Nancy Jain
    Nancy Jain
  • Karan Ramchandani
    Karan RamchandaniMember
  • Sindhu Shree
    Sindhu ShreeMember
  • Smriti Singh
    Smriti SinghMember
  • Umang Parikh
    Umang ParikhMember
  • Mukesh Hembrom
    Mukesh HembromMember
  • Agniva Si
    Agniva Si
  • Gaurav Singh
    Gaurav SinghMember
  • Amit Singh
    Amit SinghMember
  • Manwar Alisha Anil
    Manwar Alisha AnilMember
  • Prajwal Bhatt
    Prajwal BhattMember
  • Divya Nidhi Srivastava
    Divya Nidhi SrivastavaMember
  • Somesh Chaturvedi
    Somesh Chaturvedi
  • Mimansi Agarwal
    Mimansi Agarwal
  • Shashank Garg
    Shashank GargMember
  • Nikita Kusumakar
    Nikita KusumakarMember
  • Tanvi
  • Shubham Sardar
    Shubham SardarMember
  • Thaker Devarsh Shailesh
    Thaker Devarsh Shailesh
  • Kanika Agarwal
    Kanika AgarwalMember
  • Anagdha