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 Civil Engineering Consortium
  Civil Engineering Consortium

Civil Engineering Consortium is a Student Affair Committee of Department of Civil Engineering, that is responsible to promote a safe and intellectually stimulating learning environment that encourages not only the academic success of civil engineering students but also focus on personal development, sports and other extracurricular student activities. With the chain of activities going round the year, students get ample opportunity to flash, flourish and furnish their talents. Having being inducted in the hustle-n-bustle of IIT Roorkee, new faces are given centre-stage to boast about their creativity and innovation by means of CEC (The Civil Engineering Consortium) inaugurals. Our aim is to provide consistent, high-quality activities and programs that promote student participation in cultural, social and educational growth while having fun doing so. we look further to boost the talent of students in administration, management, designing, and construction work so that any problem in industrial field can be tackled.

We create meaningful and diverse opportunities by different event and activities that foster personal, group, and community-wide development so students achieve academic excellence, personal success and physical well being. In each activity student Leadership & Involvement provides opportunities for students to engage in shaping a better self and a better world.

  • Gulshan Dhanani
    Gulshan DhananiPresident
  • Prakhar Khandelwal
    Prakhar Khandelwal
  • Dheeraj Adwani
    Dheeraj Adwani
  • Nikhil Joshi
    Nikhil Joshi
  • Rajat Verma
    Rajat Verma
  • Shubham Garg
    Shubham Garg
  • B.Swapnil Agarwal
    B.Swapnil Agarwal
  • Deepali Chauhan
    Deepali Chauhan
  • Devanshu Mishra
    Devanshu Mishra
  • Jujhaar Singh
    Jujhaar Singh
  • Kashish Verma
    Kashish Verma
  • Shivang Bansal
    Shivang Bansal
  • Soumya Nigotia
    Soumya Nigotia
  • Yash Lakhani
    Yash Lakhani