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 Lights Section
  Lights Section

LIGHT SECTION, a cultural council section provides dazzling light effects to the events of the cultural council. The group will be launching a laser show event from next year. The group possess an awesome environment and provides an opportunity for over-all development of its members. The members share a lot time enjoying their college life.

To provide light effects to all the events of cultural council, Further entertain the campus audience with laser shows

  • Ammar Nawab
    Ammar NawabMember
  • Kopal Gupta
    Kopal GuptaMember
  • Titiya Chirag Dilipkumar
    Titiya Chirag DilipkumarMember
  • Manisha Varshney
    Manisha VarshneyMember
  • Shebin Scaria
    Shebin ScariaMember
  • Shubham Gaurav
    Shubham GauravSecretary
  • Sonali Singh
    Sonali SinghJoint Secretary
  • Spandan Chandra
    Spandan ChandraMember
  • Swati Singh
    Swati SinghMember
  • Aman Mittal
    Aman MittalMember
  • Aakansha
  • Mayank Agrawal
    Mayank AgrawalAdditional Secretary
  • Shashi Chaudhary
    Shashi ChaudharyMember
  • Ankit Agarwal
    Ankit AgarwalMember
  • Ashish Taneja
    Ashish TanejaMember
  • Sahil Jain
    Sahil JainMember
  • Rohit Chauhan
    Rohit ChauhanJoint Secretary
  • Shubham Agarwal
    Shubham AgarwalMember
  • Purvi Gupta
    Purvi GuptaJoint Secretary
  • Shivangee Rathi
    Shivangee RathiJoint Secretary
  • Snehanshu Dharmadhikari
    Snehanshu DharmadhikariMember
  • Abhinav Ranaut
    Abhinav RanautMember
  • Ankita Puwar
    Ankita PuwarMember
  • Roopal Bhatnagar
    Roopal BhatnagarMember
  • Shanu Singhal
    Shanu SinghalMember
  • Mridul Gupta
    Mridul GuptaMember
  • Atharva Chandra
    Atharva ChandraMember
  • Sanjeet Kumar De
    Sanjeet Kumar DeMember
  • G Rahul
    G RahulMember
  • Babita Bala
    Babita BalaMember
  • Vertika Bansal
    Vertika BansalMember
  • Patel Maurice Mukeshbhai
    Patel Maurice MukeshbhaiMember