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  Literary Section

The Literary Section is divided into two wings: 1. The IITR Debating Society: The group practices Asian and British Parliamentary Debating, twice a week. It organizes a Freshers' Debate, Mock PDs, JAMs and literary events at Thomso (under the Literati Banner) and Cognizance (MUN and Vox Populi). It also participates in debating tournaments held in various colleges such as SRCC, IITD, IITK, NLU-D, LSR, Miranda House, St. Stephen's etc. 2. The Quizzing Club: Holds quizzes once or twice a month and also under a special banner, Quizzing Premier League (QPL). Organizes the Freshers' Quiz and the Thomsonian Quiz and is associated with the Ashish Memorial Quiz. Participates in various quizzing events across India including the Inter IIT-IIM Quiz (Nihilanth) and the TATA Crucible Quiz. Organizes several quizzes at Thomso and Cognizance.

  • Mrinal Tripathi
    Mrinal TripathiMember
  • Kumar Shobhit
    Kumar ShobhitMember
  • Palash Sharma
    Palash SharmaMember
  • Vignesh V Ramani
    Vignesh V RamaniSecretary
  • Aditya Katare
    Aditya KatareMember
  • Karan Baweja
    Karan BawejaMember
  • Surya Jaisankar
    Surya JaisankarMember
  • Nitin Srivastava
    Nitin SrivastavaMember
  • Varun Rao Mallampalli
    Varun Rao MallampalliMember
  • Sailee Anant Rane
    Sailee Anant RaneMember
  • Sushobhan Sen
    Sushobhan SenAddl. Secretary
  • Hanan Tariq Qureshi
    Hanan Tariq QureshiMember
  • Tarun Valecha
    Tarun ValechaMember
  • Varun Mishra
    Varun MishraSecretary