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 Society of Automotive Engineers
  Society of Automotive Engineers

"Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand." Society of Automotive Engineers IIT Roorkee collegiate chapter was established in 2001 with the collective effort of a group of students who had a strong urge to complement the theoretical knowledge imparted in the classroom, with emphasis on the practical aspects of engineering. With a humble beginning, SAE IIT-R has grown steadily to it present strength of more than 400 members and is one of the most active and popular technical societies in the campus.

"To create a pool of inquisitive and innovative minds by means of sharing knowledge and fueling passion among students of IITR."

  • Pranay Kumar Singh
    Pranay Kumar SinghChairperson
  • Shubham Roy
    Shubham RoyVice-Chairperson
  • Chetanya Rastogi
    Chetanya Rastogi
  • G R Abishek
    G R Abishek
  • Aayush Parth
    Aayush ParthEvents Manager
  • Dhruv Pachauri
    Dhruv PachauriJoint Secretary
  • Maroof Ahmad
    Maroof AhmadSecretary
  • Ruhi Gill
    Ruhi Gill
  • Arpit Agrawal
    Arpit Agrawal
  • Sushmita Nanawati
    Sushmita Nanawati
  • Akash Deep
    Akash DeepTreasurer
  • Manish Kumar
    Manish KumarEvents Manager
  • Anushka Chandrawat
    Anushka ChandrawatExecutive Member
  • Vaibhavi Katiyar
    Vaibhavi KatiyarExecutive Member
  • Amit Kumar
    Amit KumarExecutive Member
  • Antriksh Mathur
    Antriksh MathurExecutive Member
  • Atulya Ratan Jha
    Atulya Ratan JhaExecutive Member
  • Prabh Pal Singh Seerha
    Prabh Pal Singh SeerhaExecutive Member
  • Prashant Kumar
    Prashant KumarExecutive Member
  • Rajvardhan Singh
    Rajvardhan SinghExecutive Member
  • N Sai Ram Sri Datta Prabhakar
    N Sai Ram Sri Datta PrabhakarExecutive Member
  • Shivam  Sharma
    Shivam SharmaExecutive Member
  • Gaurav Kumar Jindal
    Gaurav Kumar JindalExecutive Member
  • Joshi Rohit Vinayak
    Joshi Rohit VinayakExecutive Member
  • Krishna Rao
    Krishna RaoExecutive Member
  • Shobhit Aggarwal
    Shobhit AggarwalExecutive Member
  • Shubham Pandey
    Shubham PandeyExecutive Member