H A C K A T H O N - 2. 0


Hackathon 2.0

As cybercrime continues to grow exponentially, cybercriminals are innovating with the advancement of technology. At the same time, Uttarakhand Police remains committed to arrest such criminals and mitigate crime.

With the same zeal, we conducted the first successful Cyber Hackathon in the state of Uttarakhand thus becoming the 1st state In North India. The event saw participation of roughly 332 teams across India and set the benchmark for many other states to take inspiration. Continuing in the same vein, we present the second edition of Uttarakhand Police Hackathon in support with IIT-R. The institute of National Importance is not only our knowledge partner but also collaborating in conducting this mega event.

With the increasing reliance on technology, cybersecurity has become an even bigger concern. From zoom class raids to scam mails, all of us have experienced what it feels to be vulnerable to these faceless criminals who exploit the gaps in cybersecurity. Hence we are providing you with the platform to showcase your big idea to change the “CyberSpace”. A platform to let the hidden stars of tomorrow shine. A place to connect, grow and innovate with like-minded individuals. A place to forge bonds and code over coffee and ideas.

So come, join us at DEVBHOOMI CYBER HACKATHON 2.0 and take up the challenge to outdo, outthink and outcode your biggest opponent, you yourself. The era of SMART policing has commenced and join us in this journey to shape the future policing.


There will be three rounds (prelims, mains, presentation with evalutaion) Citius, Altius, Fortius (inspired by Olympic motto)

Citius: (Faster)

One must be fast to gauge the idea/take
up the idea and start developing the

Altius: (Higher)

Problem are going to get tougher
and one must raise his solution standard

Fortius: (Stronger)

One must present the strong thought process and the idea must be conveyed what has been developed.



24th May

Website goes live and Registration begins


24th May 2022

Initiation (Submission of Prelims Solution)


22nd July 2022

End of Registration


August 2, 2022 @ 23.59 hours

Prelims solution deadline


Starts from August 3, 2022

Assessment of Prelims (Jury)


latest by August 10, 2022

Declaration of Prelims Result


To be Announced



To be Announced

Jury Assessment Final


To be Announced

Prize Distribution



Sh. Ashok Kumar


Sh. V. Murugesan


Sh. Amit Sinha

ADG Telecom/Dir. Vigilance/ITDA

  • 1. Can the team size be flexible?

    Yes, team size can be flexible, up to a maximum of 5 members. That means a single person can form a team or 2 persons, 3 persons or 4 persons, or 5 persons can form a team. More than 5 sizes are not allowed.

  • 2. Can the eligibility criteria be flexible?

    The following are the eligibility criteria.
    (i) 18 years or above
    (ii) citizen of India
    (iii) verified government ID or
    (iv) verified college ID or institute/organization.
    (v) Any team member must not be a member of any other team.

    Interested NRIs, international participants, etc., should contact the organizers for prior permission to participate in the event.

  • 3. What is the registration fee for the event?

    There is no registration fee for participation in the event.

  • 4. How many rounds of the hackathon will be there?

    Two rounds. Prelims and Finals. Prelims will be online. Finals will be offline at IIT Roorkee.

  • 5. What expenses do participants have to bear?

    Only those participants who got selected for the final round after clearing the prelims round need to travel to IIT Roorkee at their own expense.

  • 6. Will we get the accommodation at IIT Roorkee?

    Yes, On arrival, for the final round of selected participants, the organizers will take care of the accommodation and food during their stay.

  • 7. How to plan our trip to IIT Roorkee?

    We will provide accommodation from august 8th afternoon to august 13th afternoon. Participants have to plan their travel accordingly.

  • 8. Whom to contact regarding clarifications about the problem statements?

    You may submit your query at the following link:
    Or, on any urgency, you may contact at +91 82660 82000 or +91 97593 23133 to understand explicit police problem.