Department of Civil Engineering,Indian Institue of Technology Roorkee
Consultancy Services

The Department has a close interaction with the industry and has been associated with major infrastructure projects in the country besides a few abroad, through a number of consultancy projects.  A few of Recent projects in specialized fields are as follows:

Environmental Engineering

  • Design and Proof checking of Advanced Sewage Treatment Systems such as Sequencing Batch Reactors (SBR) and Membrane Bioreactors.
  • Design and Proof checking of conventional sewage and water treatment plants
  • EIA studies of Developmental project
  • Sewerage Master planning & Sewer Design
  • Performance evaluation of Water Supply and Sewerage Systems
  • Lake, groundwater and River water quality monitoring and modelling studies.
  • Design of drainage systems.

Geomatics Engineering

  • Detailed Topographic Surveys
  • Landslide risk assessment
  • Contour Mapping

Geotechnical Engineering

  • Soil Testing
  • Design of Foundations
  • Soil Stability Analysis
  • Design of reinforced earth walls
  • Design of Retaining Structures
  • Design of machine Foundations

Hydraulics Engineering

  • Physical Model studies of infiltration galleries
  • Physical Model Studies of Pump Intakes
  • Physical Modelling Studies of Spillways,
  • Intake and Desilting chambers
  • Wind tunnel model studies of various structures

Structural Engineering

  • Structural Design and Proof checking of tall building
  • Structural design of Chimneys, Towers
  • Structural Design and Proof checking of Stadiums of Commonwealth Village
  • Structural design and proof checking of RCC and Steel Bridges
  • Non-destructive testing of Buildings & other RCC Structures

Transportation Engineering

  • Highway Mix Design
  • Strengthening of Highways
  • Design of Airport Runways
  • Pavement maintenance management system
  • Overlay Design of Roads
  • Design of Traffic Intersections
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