Department of Civil Engineering,Indian Institue of Technology Roorkee
Faculty Honors & Awards


 Head of the Department

Jain, A.K.

  • Invited paper published in INSDAG Year book 2009



Arora Manoj K.

  • Best Paper Presentation Award (Student) – First Prize by the Indian Society of Geomatics on the paper entitled “Application of Logistic Regression for Landslide Hazard Zonation of Chamoli region” by Shivani Chauhan, Mukta Sharma, Manoj K. Arora, at Geomatics 2009 conference, Feb. 4-6, 2009, Dehradun.

Bhargava, Renu (Ms)

  • Best Paper Award for the paper presented in the conference “Hydraulics, Water resources & Environment” MNIT, Jaipur December 15-16, 2008

Satish Chandra

  • IRC award for Paper entitled: “Capacity of Uncontrolled Intersections Under Mixed Traffic Conditions” for 2008.

  • Nominated member of Bitumen Tar and their Products Committee, PCD 6 of BIS, New Delhi

  • Nominated member, Transport Planning, Traffic Engineering and Road Safety Committee of Indian Roads Congress, New Delhi for 2009-11.

  • Nominated member, IMRA Committee of Indian Roads Congress, New Delhi for 2009-11.

  • BOS Member, Department of Civil Engineering, Punjab University, Chandigarh.

  • Co-chaired a session on flexible pavements during national get together on road research and its utilization organized by CRRI, New Delhi March 05, 2010.

  • Member, Research Degree Committee, Department of Civil Engineering, Punjab University, Chandigarh

  • Member, Monitoring committee for development of Road Maintenance Management System for UP Roads

  • Nominated member of Bitumen Tar and their Products Committee, PCD 6 of BIS, New Delhi

Kothyari, U. C.

  • Member, Technical Advisory Committee of Physics and Earth Sciences Division, Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), Kolkata for 2008 to 2010.

  • Member, Technical Committee of Indian Roads Congress (IRC) – Foundation, Sub-structure Protective Works and Masonry Structures Committee (B-3) for 2009 to 2011.

  • Member of International Scientific Committee for International Conference on River Flow being organized by Technical University Braunschweig, Germany

  • Delivered O. H. Patel memorial lecturer: Alluvial river mechanics, March 06, 2010, at Water Resources Engineering and Management Institute, Faculty of Technology and Engineering, The M.S. University of Baroda, Samiala, Baroda.

  • Delivered Key note lecture: Flow through vegetated bed channels, in Nat. Conf. on Recent advances in Fluid and Solid Mechanics. Feb. 27-28, 2010, NIT Rourkela.

  • Delivered Key note lecture: Morphological and flood problems of river Kosi in Nat. Specialty Conf. on River Hydraulics. Oct. 29-30, 2009, M.M. Univ., Mullana, Haryana.

  • Member of International Advisory Committee for International Conference on River Flow being organized in 2010 by The Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany.

  • Member of Screening Committee for NASI-SCOUPUS YOUNG SCIENTIST AWARDS IN ENGINEERING -2009.

Praveen Kumar

  • Nominated as Convener of Research Development Committee (Civil) of UP Technical University, Lucknow

  • Nominated as Vice Chancellor’s Nominee for BoS of HBTI, Kanpur

  • Nominated Member of Uttaranchal Rural Road Development Agency by Uttaranchal State Government. Brij Mohan Lal Memorial (Best Paper) Award by the Institution of Engineers (India) during 24th Engineering Congress held at NIT Suratkhal, Karnataka for the paper “Use of Glass Grid in Pavement Layers”

  • Member, Board of Studies (Civil Engg), Harcourt Butler Technical Institute (HBTI), Kanpur

  • Convener, Research Degree Committee (Civil Engineering), Uttra Pradesh Technical University.

  • Vice Chancellor’s Nominee, Selection Committee, B.I.T. Engineering College, Meerut

  • Member, National Executive Committee, National Rural Roads Development Agency (NRRDA) responsible for Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna (PMGSY) at National level.

  • Member, Empanelment Committee, NRRDA responsible for monitoring of National Quality Monitors of PMGSY

Ojha, CSP

  • Cash award of 3000 Euro in 2008 for significant contributions in EU-India River Bank Filtration Network Project, sponsored by European Union

  • Distinguished Visiting Fellowship of Royal Academy of Engineering, U.K. in 2008-09

  • Recipient of American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Research Paper Awards, 2009.

  • Visiting International Fellowship of ASCE in 2010

Parida, M.

  • Member, Board of Studies, Department of Transport Planning, School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi

  • Member, HRB, IMRA Committee, IRC, New Delhi

  • Member, Transport Planning, Traffic Engineering and Road Safety Committee, IRC, New Delhi


Associate Professors

Ahmed, Z.

  • G M Nawathe Puraskar by Indian Society for Hydraulics, for best paper in HYDRO 2008 conference held at MNIT, Jaipur, Dec. 15-16, 2008.

  • Secretary, Indian Water Resources Society (IWRS) for year 2007-08.

  • Secretary of Indian Water Resources Society (IWRS) till Dec. 2009.

Gurjar B.R.

  • Honorary Executive Editorship of a newly launched Peer-Reviewed International Journal titled "Environmental Engineering and Management" by BRAIN WAVE PUBLISHERS.

  • Invited by the International Panel on Climate Change in Cities (IPC3) to serve as an expert reviewer for the Climate Risk chapter of the IPC3's First Assessment Report.

  • Invited lecture at the United Nations University - Institute of Advanced Studies (UNU-IAS) Seminar Series, Yokohama, Japan. March 05, 2010.

  • Keynote presenter during session on Role of Cleaner Production in Mitigation of Global Warming. National Seminar on Cleaner Production Technologies. National Institute of Technical Teachers’ Training and Research, Chandigarh, India. November 17-18, 2009.

  • Chaired Session on Eco-Friendly Processes and Materials, Safe Drinking Water, 5th Annual Session of Students Chemical Engineering Congress. Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Roorkee, India. September 20, 2009.

Kazmi, A.A.

  • Certificate of Merit, Institution of Engineers, India.

  • Expert Member, Research Advisory Committee (RAC), Expert Member, National Ganga River Basin Authority, Govt. of India (Jan 2010 onward)

  • Expert Member, Advisory Committee, UP Jal Nigam, Selection of appropriate STP Technology for Kanpur.

  • Expert Member, Manual on Sewerage and Sewage Treatment, CPHEEO, Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India

  • Expert Member, Manual on Operation and Maintenance of Sewerage System, CPHEEO, Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India

P.K. Gupta

  • Endeavour research award of Australian Government for year 2010.

Assistant Professors

Chakrabarti, A.

  • Endeavour Research Fellowship Award, Govt. of Australia

J. K. Ghosh

  • Won an award at Indian Society for Remote Sensing Annual Convention and National Symposium at Jaipur (November 3-5, 2004) for (presentation of) a paper titled “GPS Based Estimation of Real Time Agricultural Water Demand”.

  • Indian Society for Remote Sensing (ISRS) Award for best paper (Title: Fractal Compression Of Satellite Images, Photonirvachak) published in JISRS (Photonirvachak) for “RS & GIS Analysis Techniques” category for the year 2008 (co-author: Ankur) (Awarded on September 17, 2009)

  • ERASMUS MUNDUS European Union Scholarship (September 01 to December 31, 2009).

Sawant, V. A.

  • Best Paper Award in National Conference on "Innovations and Applications of Mathematical Modeling Techniques in Engineering System", 10th December 2008

  • Best Paper Award at USSTC-2009 Conference.

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