Department of Civil Engineering,Indian Institue of Technology Roorkee
Thrust Areas of Reseach


Environmental Engineering

  1. High rate anaerobic wastewater treatment by UASB & Anaerobic baffled Reactor

  2. Pre & Post Treatment of UASB reactor

  3. Aerobic Hybrid Reactor for domestic and industrial wastewater treatement

  4. Ozonation for color removal from industrial wastewater

  5. In-Vessel (Rotary Drum) Composting for Municipal Solid Waste, Vermicomposting.

  6. Riverbank filtration.

  7. Air Quality Monitoring and Modeling, Risk Assessmentr

  8. Emission Inventories, Climate Policy Analysis

Geomatics Engineering

  1. Remote Sensing : Multispectral, Hyperspectral and Microwave

  2. Digital Image Processing

  3. Geographic Information System and Digital Terrain Modelling

  4. Physical Geodesy

  5. Photogrammetry: Analytical, Digital and Closs Range

  6. GPS Surveys: Static, Differential and Real Time

  7. Computer Cartography and Mobile Mapping

Geotechnical Engineering

  1. Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering

  2. Engineering Behaviour of Rocks and Rock Masses

  3. Ground Improvement

  4. Landslides Analysis and Control

  5. Numerical Methods in Geomechanics

  6. Pile foundations

  7. Static and Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction

  8. Underground Space Technology for River Valley Projects, Strategic Construction etc

Hydraulics Engineering

  1. Physical and Mathematical Modeling of River Processes

  2. Fundamental Aspects of Clear Water and Sediment-Laden Water Flows in   Channels

  3. Sub surface Flow and Transport Modelling

  4. Pollutant Transport in Rivers

  5. Studies on Fluid Dynamic Drag and Redeveloping Boundary Layer Flows

  6. Flood Forecasting

  7. GIS and Remote Sensing Applications in Water Resources

  8. Groundwater Hydrology

  9. Inverse Problems

  10. Hydrologic Modelling

Structural Engineering

  1. Post peak response of P.C., R.C. and masonry structures

  2. Behaviour of fiber reinforced concrete in shear

  3. Non flexural behavior of structural concrete

  4. Analysis and optimum design of laminated composite

  5. Impact and hygro-thermal behavior of structures

  6. Long term response of P.C. bridges built with HPC

  7. Thermal and durability studies on concrete   

  8. Load deformation behavior of confined concrete

  9. Wind history and structural response studies

  10. Non linear dynamic analysis

  11. Health monitoring, residual life assessment and retrofitting of structures

  12. Application of soft computing techniques in structural engineering

Transportation Engineering

  1. Integrated Transportation Systems – motorized and non-motorized systems

  2. Pavement materials Characterisation

  3. Pavement design, analysis, evaluation and management

  4. Traffic Flow analysis and Highway Capacity

  5. Economic analysis of Transportation projects

  6. Safety, Accident analysis

  7. Transport and traffic modelling

  8. Intelligent Transport systems

  9. Pedestrian flow modeling

  10.  Rural road network planning and design

  11. Urban transportation planning

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