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Short Term Courses

Name of Faculty Name of Courses Place Dates
Dr. P. Mohanty and Dr. T. K. Mandal QIP Course  on Functional Materials: Recent Trends and Future Prospects IIT Roorkee 20-24 May 2019
Dr. P. Kar QIP Course  on Carbon Nanonaomaterials - Recent Advances and Functional Applications IIT Roorkee  20-24 May 2019
Dr. P. Jeevanandam               Recent advances in Biomaterials and Nanobiotechnology IIT Roorkee            10-14 Mar 2014
Dr. Tapas Mandal                  Technologies for Clean and Renewable Energy Production  IIT Roorkee 03-07 Jun 2013
Dr. P. Jeevanandam Functional Nanomaterials: Science & Technology Department of Physics, IITR 03-  07 Feb 2007
Dr. Bina Gupta Safety Aspects in the Research Application of Ionising Radiations BARC Mumbai 22- 30 May 2006


Conferences, Seminar, Symposia & Workshop



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