Department of Chemistry,Indian Institue of Technology Roorkee
ElectroChemistry Lab


Phone: + 91 1332 286528


Prof. R. N. Goyal (Supervisor)
Mr. Sudhanshu P.Singh

Mr. Ashish Pandey

Ms. Sangmitra Chatterji

Ms. Sunita Bishnoi

Equipments and facilities available

  1. Electrochemistry system 
  2. UV-Vis spectrophotometer
  3. Lyophilizer
  4. Coulometer
  5. Controlled potential generators

Research Projects

  • Voltammetric determination of biologically important purines and their derivatives at fullerene – C60/C70 modified electrodes, CSIR, New Delhi. 

  • Voltammetric determination of some anabolic steroids used by athletes for doping, in human blood and urine, DST, New Delhi.

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