Department of Chemistry,Indian Institue of Technology Roorkee
Liquid Chromatography and protein laboratory

Name of the O.C:

Dr.Ravi Bhusan


Equipments and facilities available:


  • HPLC, Merck-Hitachi L6200A pump, L4250UV/VIS, detector,
  • D- 2500 Chromatointegrator. UV-Spectrophotometer, Hitachi-U2001,
  • Electrophoresis System: Pharmacia-Sweden Polarimeter, Kruss-P3002


Current Research projects Going On:


Sponsored Research Project

1. Resolution of racemic mixture of B-Blockers and Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs.

2. Structural studies on peanut proteins.


Previous Research Projects Undertaken:




Funding Agency


1 Studies on Water Pollution from West U.P. Sugar Industries Deptt. Of Environment, U.P Council of Sci & Techn. Sept 1985 - Mar 1988
2 Identification of Antineoplastic Natural products DST. New Delhi Mar 1987-Mar 1989
3 Studies on Protein from certain Edible Oil Seeds and Pulses UP Council of  Sci & Techn. Jul 1988 - Dec 1990
4 Studies on Peptides and Low Mol Wt Proteins of Plant Origin UGC, New Delhi Jul 1985 - Dec 1986
5 Studies on Proteins of Brassica campestries UGC, New Delhi Apr 1985 - Dec 1990
6 Liquid Chromatographic Separation of enantiomers of Drugs and Bioactive Agents CSIR, New Delhi Sep 1991 - Sep 1994
7 Development and study of new chromatographic systems for the Analysis of Biomolecules. UGC, New Delhi Apr 1991 - Apr 1995
8 Structural Studies on Peanut Proteins ICAR, New Delhi  
9 Resolution of Racemic Pharmaceuticals and control of enantiomeric Purity AICTE  
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