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Important Contacts
Head of the Department
Prof. Sudeb Dasgupta 
Phone: +91-1332-285235
Chairman, Department Research Committee (DRC)
Dr. Nagendra P. Pathak
Phone: +91-1332-285771
Chairman, Department Academic Program Committee (DAPC)
Dr. Debashis Ghosh
Phone: +91-1332-28----
Convenor, Department Faculty Search Committee (DFSC)
Dr. Vishvendra Singh Poonia
Phone: +91-1332-285601
Faculty-In-Charge (FIC)
1.  Administration, Finance and Planning  Dr. M. V. Kartikeyan
2. O.C. M & R, Workshop, Tower Dr. Karun Rawat
3.  O.C. Department Web Portal Dr. Sourajeet Roy
4. O.C. Graduate Students (PG & PhD) Dr. Arnab Datta
5. O.C. Time Table Dr. Vishvendra Singh Poonia
6. O.C. Examinations (MTE & ETE) Dr. Darshak Bhatt
7.  O.C. Training and Placement Dr. Biplab Sarkar
8.  O. C. B.Tech Project Dr. Meenakshi Rawat
9.  O.C. B.Tech Industrial Project Dr. B. K. Kaushik, Dr. Dheeraj Kumar, Dr. P. M. Pradhan
10.  O. C. B.Tech Tour Dr. Sourajeet Roy
11. O.C. Information Dr. R. Panigrahi
12.  O. C. Purchase Dr. Debashis Ghosh