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1. “Development of Remote Sensing based Geothermic Technique in earthquake studies”

A thermal remote sensing technique has been successfully developed to detect pre-earthquake thermal anomalies. This breakthrough is the correlation of short duration temporal thermal anomalies and earthquakes around the world . It has been observed in all these earthquakes (including the devastating Bhuj Earthquake, Gujarat (26th Jan., 2001) that there was a rise in the land surface temperature (LST) in the epicenter region before the earthquakes. This short duration temporal thermal anomaly went away along with the earthquakes.


2. “Detailed Evaluation of Narayanbagar Landslide, in Chamoli District, Uttaranchal and evaluation of cutslopes along Karnaprayag-Gowaldam road for future widening of the road”

Preparation of topographical survey of the area on 1:500 to 1000 scale having 1m contour interval Preparation of detailed geological map of the area on the same scale, preparation of geological cross sections to understand the geological structures, the causative factors and type of failure.

Estimating rock/soil mass properties particularly shear strength properties using laboratory and field methods.

Carrying out back analysis for estimating the shear strength properties to arrive at a reasonable values of shear strength.

Calculation of factor of safety for different segments to identify unstable parts of slopes

Identification of remedial measures for stabilizing the slide

Evaluation of cut slopes of the road.


3. “Detailed Evaluation of a Landslide and Instrumental Slope Monitoring using precision leveling in Harmaony, Garhwal Himalaya, Uttaranchal and Slope Stability Evaluation of Cut Slopes along Karnaprayag- Gowaldam Road”

Geological mapping 1:1000 scale and preparation of cross sections across the slope to understand the geological controls of the landslide as well as the pattern and causes of sliding

Estimation of shear strength properties of slope materials calculation of factor of safety monitoring of the slope using precision leveling.

To asses the stability of out slopes along Karnaprayag–Gowaldam road using modified slope Mass rating (SMR) system {IS13365(Part 3) 1997}.


4. “Deep Crystal Structure of NW Himalaya through gravity and Magnetic Data Analysis”

By merging our earlier regional gravity and magnetic profile data with new procured and duly processed data along Kiratpur – Mandi - Upshi a complete regional gravity and magnetic profile across NW Himalaya (Kiritpur-Upshi-Leh-Panamik) will be obtained. Detection and detailed characterization of partial melt zones at mid-crystal depth level (with special emphasis on Tso-Morari region) shall be undertaken independently with these regional gravity and magnetic profiles by a suitable design and application of special interpretation modules ( Curie- point isotherm mapping and Ideal Gravity Body).


5. “Software development for Inversion of Resistivity and Induced Polarization (IP) Data for better Characterization of Shaly – Sand reservoir

To develop separate inversion and joint software for resistivity and IP in 1-D and 2-D earth media and to identify the controlling parameters for better ch