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Facilities for undertaking Doctoral studies in "Department of Hydro and Renewable Energy" (formerly Alternate Hydro Energy Centre) and other renewable energy technology as well as "Environmental Management of Rivers and Lakes" are available at the centre. Full-time and part-time candidates are accepted for this programme as per the rules of the Institute. 

Research Area of HRED

Renewable Energy:

Small Hydro Power: Investigations, Planning, Designs, Economic and Financial Analysis Policy, Cost optimisation, tariff analysis. Planning, Investigation and Designs of SHP, Planning, Design & Analysis of Civil Works of SHP & related Software Development, Energy Economics and Policy, Small Hydro turbine design and performance testing, Silt erosion in hydro turbines, Optimal selection of SHP equipment. Solar Energy: Cost optimization of SHP schemes, Solar thermal energy storage & utilization: performance enhancement of solar air heaters, packed bed sensible heat storage system. Design and selection of generators for SHP for rural electrification, SPV Power and wind power plants and their interconnection with grid, Bio-energy: biodiesel production, biomass gasification; biogas generation, Modelling of IRES & HES systems.

Environmental Management:

Environmental Management of Water Bodies, Project Management, Cumulative Environment Impact Assessment, GHG Emissions from Hydropower Reservoir, MSW Dump Sites/ landfill gas sites, Rivers Water Quality Mapping, Ecological Health & carrying capacity of rivers, Waste Water Treatment, Cumulative Environment Impact Assessment.

Research leading to Ph.D. degree

A. Awarded

S.No Name Title Date of Registration Year of Completion
1. Manish Kumar Performance Assessment of Different PV Technologies on Water Bodies 24.07.2015 2019
2. Patel Alpesh Kumar Mangaldas Investigation of Off-Grid Integrated Renewable Energy System 10.07.2015 2019
3. Chandra Prakash Study on Solar Air Heater Duct Roughened With Spherical and Inclined Rib Protrusionss 21.07.2014 2019
4. Ali Abbas Investigations of Parameters Affecting Draft Tube Performance 01.01.2013 2019
5. Zameer Ahmad Analysis of single phase transformerless inverter fed grid connected Solar PV system 26.12.2014 2018
6. Siva Ramakrishna Madeti Development of Online Monitoring System for a Grid Connected Solar Photovoltaic Plant 09.07.2014 2018
7. Ravi Kumar Development of Mathematical Model for Condition Based Maintenance of Small Hydropower Plants 16.07.2012 2018
8. Anant Kumar Rai Hydro-Abrasive Erosion of Pelton Turbines 24.07.2012 2018
9. Ravi Kant Ravi Study of Double Pass Roughened Solar Air Heater with Discrete Multi V-Shaped and Staggered Ribs 12.07.2013 2018
10. Utkarsh Singh Detection and Classification of Power Quality Disturbances 12.08.2014 2018
11. Mukesh Kumar Production of Biodiesel from Chlorella Protothecoides Microalgal Oil 01.01.2013 2018
12. Kushal Manoharrao Jagtap Loss Allocation in Radial Distribution Network with Distributed Generation 17.07.2012 2018
13. Anuj Kumar Investigations on Performance of a Savonius Hydrokinetic Turbine 01.01.2013 2017
14. Sangram Bana Modeling of solar photovoltaic array under non-uniform insolation 16.07.2012 2017
15. Farhad Ilahi Bakhsh Application of variable frequency transformer (VFT) for integration of wind energy system 17.07.2012 2017
16. Dileep G. Modelling and simulation of SPV system for improved power output using DC-DC conductor 01.01.2014 2017
17. Subho Upadhyay Development of hybrid energy systems for rural area 16.07.2012 2017
18. Rajanna S. Integrated renewable energy system for a remote rural area 12.07.2013 2017
19. Amit Kumar Green house gas emissions from hydropower reservoirs and its catchments 26.07.2012 2017
20. VSKV Harish Modelling and simulation of building energy system using intelligent techniques 16.07.2012 2017
21. Raj Kumar Viral Optimal planning of distributed generation in distributed system 03.01.2011 2016
22. Gaurav Dwivedi Stability and cold flow properties of pongamia biodiesel 16.07.2012 2016
23. Gopiya Naik S Planning of distribution system with distributed generation 16.07.2010 2016
24. Mukesh Kumar Singhal Optimal planning of medium head hydro power projects 10.12.2008 2016
25. Ms. Ila Dashora Hydrological Investigation and Analysis for Hydropower Projects 30.12.2010 2016
26. Gohil Pankaj Kumar Paragbhai Study of Cavitation in Francis Turbine for Small Hydro Power Plants 16.07.2012 2016
27. Anurag Chauhan Evolving Optimal Integrated Renewable Energy System Model for Stand-Alone Applications 23.07.2012 2016
28. Srinivasa Kishore T Cost Optimization of Power Transmission Lines in Hilly Areas 16.07.2012 2016
29. Tabish Alam Investigation of Heat Transfer Enhancement by using V-Shaped Perforated Blocks in a Rectangular Solar Air Heater DUCT 31.12.2010 2015
30. Javed Dhillon Scheduling of Wind-PSP Generation Under Day-Ahead Market 20.07.2010 2015
31. Mohit Bansal Optimal Planning of Interated Renewable Energy Systems 16.07.2010 2015
32. Ms. Kawade Swati Manoharrao Green House Gas Emission from Reservoirs 26.07.2009 2014
33. Shyam Narain Singh Investigation of grid connected six-phase induction generator for small hydro power plants 30.12.2010 2014
34. Sachin Mishra Cost optimization of high head small hydro power projects 24.07.2009 2013
35. Anil Kumar Heat and Fluid Flow in Solar Air Heater Duct with Multi V-Shaped Ribs with Gap 24.07.2009 2013
36. Harmeet Singh Investigation on performance of a Packed Bed Solar Energy Storage System 25.07.2007 2013
37. Siddharth Jain Stability studies of biodiesel from Jatropha curcas oil 01.01.2009 2012
38. Kanase-Patil Amarsingh Baburao Development of integrated renewable energy systems for remote area 08.01.2007 2011
39. Ajai Gupta Modelling of hybrid renewable energy system 24.07.2005 2010
40. Ms. Mamta Kumari Padhy Study of Silt Erosion on Pelton Turbine for a Small Hydro Power Plant 02.01.2006 2010
41. Vishavjeet Singh Hans Heat Transfer and Friction Characteristics of Multiple V-Rib Roughened Solar Air Heater 25.07.2006 2009
42. Sunil Kumar Singal Optimization of low head small hydro installations 07.08.2002 2009
43. Shankar Narain Mahato Analysis and Control of 3-Phase SEIG for single Phase Supply 27.07.2004 2008
44. Surender Kumar Saini Study of solar air heater with roughened absorber plates 15.01.2001 2008
45. Krishna Bihari Yadav Multiphase Induction Generator for Small Hydro Power Scheme 11.08.2003 2007
46. Nand Kishore Integrated control of small hydropower plants 03.01.2003 2006
47. Anurag Trivedi Performance analysis of induction, machines as seig for single phase isolated power supply 31.07.2002 2006
48. Ashok Kumar Akella Modeling of integrated renewable energy system 30.07.2002 2006
49. Ranjeet Singh Performance of packed bed energy storage system for solar air heaters 30.07.2002 2006
50. Eugene Fernandez Modelling on Integrated Energy System 1999 2004
51. Pawan Kumar Modi Voltage Stability Enenhancement using FACTSs Devices 19.07.2000 2003
52. Sudhir K Sharma Studies on Bio gas Generation Using biomass feed stocks 30.07.1985 1990


B. Ongoing

S.No Name Title Date of registration Date of comprehensive examination
1. Ms. Mansi Tripathi (PT) Development of Water Quality Index for Management of River 10.07.2013 -
2. Surender Singh Tanwar (QIP-PT) Optimal Planning of Distributed Generation for Distributed Network 12.07.2013 -
3. Prem Prakash (QIP-PT) Optimal Sizing and Siting of Distributed Generation 26.07.2013 -
4. Ramjee Lal Meena (QIP-PT) Development of Control Strategies for DC Micro-Grid 26.07.2013 -
5. Rahul Kumar Garg (QIP) Analysis of Hydraulic Transients in Hydro Power Plant 09.07.2014 -
6. Vineet Kumar Singh (PT) Optimal Operation of Run of River Small Hydro Power Plant 09.07.2014 -
7. Rajesh Kumar (QIP-PT) Integrated Pumped Storage Scheduling 08.07.2015 -
8. Dixit Kumar Praful Kumar Pathak (QIP-PT) Integrated Renewable Energy System 11.01.2016 -
9. Sanat Kumar Patro (QIP-PT) Solar Energy 08.07.2016 -
10. Manoj Sood Development of Model for Potential Assessment of Hydrokinetic Energy 08.07.2016 -
11. Gaurav Saini Performance Investigations of Hybrid Cross Flow Hydrokinetic Turbine 08.07.2016 -
12. Akshita Gupta Optimization and Prediction of Hydro Power with other Renewable Energy 08.07.2016 -
13. Saurabh Sangal (PT) Hydro Power 08.07.2016 -
14. Nitin Kumar Jhankal (Spon-PT) Experimental Analysis of Pressure Fluctuation in Hhydro Turbines 28.07.2016 -
15. Patel Harshadkumar Dahyalal (QIP-PT) Development of Integrated Renewable Energy System for a Rural Area 26.12.2016 -
16. Vaibhav Mohan Das Investigation on Optimal Design of Diversion Weir for Small Hydro Power projects 26.12.2016 -
17. Charmala Surresh Investigation of a Combined Sensible and Latent Heat Solar Thermal Energy storage system 07.07.2017 -
18. M. Ramesh (QIP) Integrated Renewable Energy Systems 07.07.2017 -
19. Penugonda Sunil Babu Evolving a Mathematical Model for Estimating Wind Energy Resource potential 07.07.2017 -
20. Vishal Saini Integrated Renewable Energy System for Remote Rural Area 28.12.2017 -
21. Abhishek Gautam Performance Investigation of a Packed Bed Solar Energy Storage System having spheres with pores as packing elements 28.12.2017 -
22. Kirti Goyal Decision Support System for Treated Wastewater Reuse 28.12.2017 -
23. Sandeep Kumar Studies on Production and Utilization of Bio diesel from Mixed Oils 28.12.2017 -
24. Siddhita Yadav Performance Enhancement of Solar Air Heater by using Corrugated Absorber Plate with Jet Impingement 06.07.2018 -
25. Shraiya Pant Optimization of Solar Water Pumping System 06.07.2018 -
26. Firoz Khan Unsteady Pressure loading in Francis Turbine 06.07.2018 -
27. Saumya Arya Urban Storm Water Resilience 06.07.2018 -
28. Polamarasetty P Kumar (QIP) Integrated Hybrid Renewable Energy System for Off-grid Rural Electrification 09.07.2018 -
29. Achintya Goswami (Spon-PT) Grid Integration of Renewable Energy System 27.12.2018 -
30. Vikram Dhaka (PT) Renewable Energy 12.07.2019 -
31. Priya Gupta Solar Energy 12.07.2019 -
32. Naman Arora Hydro Power 12.07.2019 -
33. Krishna Kumar (PT) Study of Hydro Power Plants 12.07.2019 -