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P.G.Diploma and M.Tech programmes

      P.G. Diploma, and M.Tech. Programmes 

      The Department runs P.G. Diploma and M. Tech. programmes Hydrology. The duration of P.G. Diploma is one year and requires successful completion of 48 credits, as laid down by IIT Roorkee. M.Tech. (Hydrology) programme further requires the completion of dissertation on theoretical or a field problem as per the requirements of IIT Roorkee. It normally takes 12 months of time if completed on full time basis, after the successful completion of P.G. Diploma.

      So far a total of 730 participants including 275 foreign participants from 34 countries have participated in the Post-Graduate Programme .  Since 2003, GATE qualified fresh engineering and science graduates from India are also admitted in this programme.

      The following three options for specialization are available in these programmes:

      a)  Surface Water Hydrology

      b)  Ground Water Hydrology

      c)  Watershed Management





      The sanctioned intake for M.Tech. and P.G. Diploma programme is 30. Out of this strength, 20 candidates will be selected from different government/semi-government organizations from India and abroad whose candidature will be officially sponsored. Ten M.Tech. seats will be filled through GATE qualified fresh candidates. Selection of GATE qualified candidates will be made alongwith admission of other M.Tech. candidates of different disciplines who will be  admitted  through  a  separate announcement by I.I.T. Roorkee. 


      A candidate can opt for pursuing his M.Tech./P.G. Diploma studies through any of the following three specializations offered by the DOH. 

    • Surface Water Hydrology
    Ground Water Hydrology
    • Watershed Management

      *The courses offered under these specializations consist of compulsory courses in Mathematics, Computer applications alongwith a Departmental core course on Hydrologic Elements and Analysis.  The major specialization courses are as follows: 

    Surface Water Ground Water Watershed Management
    • Hydrological Data Collection, Processing and Analysis
    • Parametric Hydrology
    • Systems Analysis and Surface Water Planning
    • Stochastic Hydrology
    • Water Resources Planning
         and Management
    • Water Resources Economics
    • Geophysical Investigations
    • Ground Water Hydrology
    • Hydrogeology
    • Remote Sensing and GIS Applications in Hydrology
    • System Analysis and Groundwater Systems
    • Water Quality and Environment
    • Channel and Fluvial Hydraulics
    • Hydrometeorology
    • Planning and Management of Watersheds
    • Remote Sensing and GIS Applications in Hydrology
    • System Ecology and Environmental Planning
    • Watershed Behaviour and Conservation Practices

      *Apart from the major courses of specialization, candidate has to opt courses on minor  specializations offered by the DOH/other Departments/Centres of IIT, Roorkee.  The  students are free to select a number of courses from a group of courses offered, to  strengthen their base depending upon their inclination towards other disciplines.   

      Working on a project and preparation of its report constitutes an important aspect of the  first year of the academic programme.  The students are required to complete the  hydrological analysis needed for a comprehensive project related to their fields of  specialization.  


            Candidates with any of the following academic qualifications are eligible to apply for admission to M.Tech/P.G. Diploma programme in Hydrology:

(a). (i) Bachelor's  degree in Civil/Mechanical/Agricultural Engineering/ Hydrology or its equivalent qualification, OR

M.Sc./M.Tech. (Master's) degree in Chemistry/Geology/Geophysics/Applied Geology/Applied Geophysics/Physics/Meteorology/Geography/Atmospheric Physics/ Environmental Science, with Mathematics in B.Sc. (Bachelor's) course as one of the subjects, OR

M.Sc. (Master's) Degree in Statistics with Physics or Mathematics at B.Sc. (Bachelor's) level, OR M.Sc. (Master's) Degree in Mathematics with Physics at B.Sc. (Bachelor's) level, or its     equivalent OR 

(ii)  A.M.I.E. candidates with B.Sc. or Engineering Diploma qualifications, who have completed Sections A and B Examinations of the Institution of Engineers (India) and have been elected as A.M.I.E. (Civil or Mechanical) and have at least 3 years research or teaching or other professional experience in responsible capacities may also be admitted after such applicants have passed a prescribed written/oral test. 

(iii) For admission to the Watershed Management option of the P.G. Diploma, candidates with M.Sc. (Master's) Degree in Soil Science or Two Years Diploma in Forestry after B.Sc. (Bachelor's) with Physics and Mathematics in the B.Sc. (Bachelor's) course are also eligible.  

(b) For full time sponsored/nominated candidates only:

(i) Candidates seeking admission to M.Tech. Hydrology and who possess the required qualification (s) stated above must have at least 60% aggregate marks or 6.75 CGPA on a 10 points scale at qualifying degree level. (For the Indian candidates belonging to SC/ST category, the qualifying percentage is 55% aggregate or 6.25 CGPA on a 10 points scale. The SC/ST category candidates must submit, the requisite certificate along with the application / or at the time of counseling (for GATE qualified/fresh candidates) from a competent authority. Part-time sponsored candidates can be admitted in accordance with the prevailing regulations/rules of I.I.T. Roorkee).  

(ii) The full time sponsored candidates must have a minimum of two years of full time work experience in responsible capacity in a Registered Firm/Company/Industry/Educational and Research Institution/Govt./Quasi Govt. Autonomous Organization in the relevant field in which admission is being sought. The Firm/Company/Industry shall either be a public sector undertaking or a public limited undertaking or a private concern whose annual turn-over during the last two years exceeds Rs. 5 crores. The educational institutions should be recognized by AICTE.

(iii) Candidates must submit the sponsorship certificate duly signed by the Head of the Institution/Organization on the prescribed Proforma at the time of counseling. A few Indian candidates may also be admitted under QIP, Early Faculty Induction Programme (EFIP) of AICTE and Defence Research & Development Organization (DRDO) Schemes, for which admission procedure is separate and for further details, Assistant Registrar (Academic), Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee – 247 667 may be contacted.  

Admissions and studentship and related matters are governed by the IIT Roorkee ordinances/regulations/rules/norms framed/amended/modified and in vogue from time to time.  Accordingly, the admission for session 2006-2007 will be as per new regulations in force. 


      The students have to attain certain minimum academic requirements to pass the prescribed examination(s).  The successful candidates in the examinations, as per requirements of the Institute, are awarded either an M.Tech. Degree in Hydrology or a Post Graduate Diploma in Hydrology as per the option for which they were registered. 


    [A] For Foreign Candidates  

      Foreign candidates may apply through proper channel for the following fellowships: An advance copy be sent to the DOH at its correspondence address. 

    (i) The Government of India (GOI) Fellowships:

The Government of India grants fellowships to foreign nationals under its following schemes:

      a. Indian Technical Economic Cooperation (ITEC) in 76 countries (No. of candidates  

       trained in past:  76 from 25 countries)

      b. Technical Cooperation Scheme of Colombo Plan (TCS-Colombo Plan) implemented         through ICCR in 15 countries

      c. Special Commonwealth African Assistance Plan (SCAAP) 

      For GOI fellowships, applications should be sent through the Indian Embassy/Legation in that country for onward transmission to Roorkee.

      For details of GOI fellowships, the candidates may visit the website of the respective schemes: ITEC & SCAAP schemes:

      The application forms for TCS Colombo plan may be downloaded from the website: 

    (ii) UNESCO/WMO Fellowships:  

      A few fellowships may be available with the financial support of UNESCO and World Meteorological Organization (WMO). The candidates are advised to confirm from UNESCO and WMO the availability of such fellowships in advance.  

      For UNESCO sponsored fellowships, the applicants should apply to the Director, UNESCO Regional Office (ROSTSCA), B-5/29, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi-110 029 (India) through the National Commission of UNESCO in their country/region.  

      For World Meteorological Organization (WMO) sponsored fellowships, the candidate should apply on WMO  Fellowship Form available either from the permanent representative of their country to WMO or directly from WMO Fellowship Division, Education and Training Department, World Meteorological Organization, 7 bis, Avenue de la Paix, Case Postale 2300, CH-1211, Geneva 2, Switzerland [Tel: 004122-7308292, FAX: 004122-7308041]. These applications along with all academic transcripts should be forwarded to WMO, Geneva, Switzerland for onward transmission to IIT Roorkee.  However, an advance copy of the application need to be sent to the DOH at it correspondence address. 

    [B] For Indian Candidates  

(i)  For Sponsored Candidates: No fellowship or financial assistance of any sort will be provided by the Department of Hydrology or I.I.T. Roorkee.  

(ii) For GATE qualified Fresh Graduates: 10-seats shall be filled through GATE qualified fresh graduates. These candidates may be considered for assistantship in accordance with regulations/ordinances/rules of I.I.T. Roorkee.  


      Eligible candidates officially nominated through various government agencies (not covered under the Fellowship clause) can also be admitted provided the sponsors give an undertaking that all the expenses including the teaching cost will be borne by the sponsors for which the payment to IIT Roorkee will be remitted in advance. Such applications should come through the Indian Embassy/Legation in that Country to Professor & Head, Department of Hydrology, IIT Roorkee.  The IIT Roorkee will communicate the amount of advance payment to be made to this effect. 


            At present, no tuition fee is being charged from the participants sponsored by the Ministry of External Affairs/Deptt. of Economic Affairs from developing countries/ UN Agencies/ US Aid Agencies/ Ford foundation. The students, however, have to bear their own boarding, lodging and other expenses. Approximate annual expenses under different heads are indicated in the following Table.  

      Institute fee, Institute caution deposit, Library deposit and one time payment mentioned in part ‘A’ of the following Table be remitted through Bank Draft drawn in favour of the Registrar I.I.T. Roorkee, payable at Roorkee and be enclosed alongwith the Deputation Order/ Financial Sanction.

    Expenditure P.G. Diploma

    (1 year) (in Rs.)

    M.Tech. Programme

    (2 years) (in Rs.)

      [A]. (i) Institute Fee

      (ii) Institute caution deposit  (refundable)

      (iii) Library deposit (refundable)

      (iv) One time payments

      [B]. Other Expenses

      (i) Boarding and lodging

      (ii) Field Trips

      (iii) Books, stationery, lecture notes, examination fee etc.

      (iv) Outfit and medical expenses

















                                                         [Note:  1 US$ = Rs. 40/- approx.]

      It may noted that the other expenses mentioned in part ‘B’ of the Table will be borne by the students and may be sanctioned/reimbursed by the funding agencies directly to the candidates as per the prevailing rules of the sponsoring agency.  


      Eligible candidates are advised to apply through proper channel on an application to be submitted on prescribed format.


(i)  Limited family accommodation is available. However, the students are advised not to bring their families at the beginning of the course.  Family accommodation may be provided as and when available as per rules.

(ii)  Selected candidates should bring with them 12 photographs, original academic transcripts, authenticated English versions of transcripts, hydrological report/data, maps, charts etc. for working on M.Tech. Dissertation.

(iii) As per the prevalent regulations all the foreign students arriving in India are required to get themselves checked for AIDS before they depart from their countries. Irrespective of the fact stated above they may again be asked for AIDS check up before joining the course.

(iv) Each foreign student is required to register at the District Headquarter (Haridwar) within 15 days of his/her arrival in India.

(v)  AUTHORITIES WHO MAY ISSUE SCHEDULE CASTE / SCHEDULE TRIBE (SC/ST) CERTIFICATE (Applicable to Indian Candidates only):  A competent authority as recognized by IIT Roorkee.  It can be also checked from the IIT Roorkee website:   


    (i)  Dispute if any, arising out of or relating to any matters whatsoever concerning the admission and or academic programme of M.Tech/P.G.  Diploma in Hydrology shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of courts at Roorkee/Uttaranchal State.

    (ii)  In case of any dispute or difference of opinion in interpretation of IIT regulations or any other matter not covered in this brochure, the decision of the Chairman, Senate shall be final and binding.

    (iii)  Notwithstanding anything contained in the regulations, the Chairman of the Senate may, in emergent situation, take such action on behalf of the Senate, as he deems appropriate and report it to the next meeting of the Senate for its approval. 


      Roorkee, a quiet town of moderate size in the district of Hardwar (Uttaranchal), is located on the banks of the Upper Ganga Canal, which takes off at Hardwar.  It is about 30 km south of the Shivalik range of the mighty Himalayas, about 170 km to the north of Delhi and is situated on Amritsar-Howrah main railway line.  Roorkee is linked by rail to many important mega cities such as Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Mumbai.  Roorkee is also well connected by road, being located on the Delhi-Hardwar National Highway (NH 58), and on the Roorkee – Panch Kula Highway (NH 73).  The Roorkee town (Latitude 290 52’ N and Longitude 770 53.52” E) is 268 m above mean sea level.  The temperature ranges from 50 C to 200 C in winter (October to March) and from 250 C to 400 C in summer (April to September). The average annual rainfall is 1100 mm and bulk of it occurs from middle of June to September.

      Apart from the Institute, which is situated in a 150 hectare campus, Roorkee town is an important centre of engineering activity.  It has the Central Building Research Institute, the National Institute of Hydrology, the Irrigation Research Institute, the Irrigation Design Organization, the headquarters of Bengal Engineering Group & Centre along with an important Army base.

      The Institute campus is 2.5 km from the Roorkee Railway Station and is only 200 m from the Roadways Bus Station.


      Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi (approx. 200 km).