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Research and consultancy projects

Research and Consultancy programme

      The Department has a well-developed research and consultancy programme. The Department has handled a number of research and consultancy projects of National importance in the past. Some of the areas of core competence are listed below:

    1. Design flood estimation
    2. Water availability studies
    3. Preparation of comprehensive hydrological plans for river basins
    4. Flood mitigation, management and forecasting
    5. Dam break studies
    6. Remote Sensing and GIS Applications in Hydrology
    7. Agricultural and Urban Drainage Studies
    8. Flood plain mapping and flood plain zoning
    9. Environmental Impact assessment studies
    10. Water quality assessment and analysis
    11. Hydrogeological and geophysical investigations

      The Department has handled 27 research and 53 consultancy projects.

 Research Projects Handled

Sl. No. Name of Project Sponsored by Starting year
(1) (2) (3) (4)
Influence of Urbanisation on quality of groundwater guidelines design for groundwater protection. UNESCO, PoWER 2006 Ongoing
Development of Spatial Water Climate Information System for Uttaranchal DST,

New Delhi

2004 Ongoing
General Purpose Software Development for Water Resources Information and Decision Support Systems MHRD (GOI),

New Delhi

2004 Ongoing
Evaluation of Pollution Susceptibility of Alluvial Aquifers of Roorkee Town, Distt. Haridwar, Uttaranchal (TAPTECH) MHRD (GOI),

New Delhi

Modernization and Strengthening of Hydrometeorological Laboratory (MODROB) MHRD (GOI),

New Delhi

2004 Ongoing
Ground Water Resource Evaluation of Pathri Rao Watershed, Distt. Haridwar (UA) DST,

New Delhi

2004 Ongoing
Meteorological Data Collection, Monitoring, Processing and Analysis to Evaluate Climate Variability in the State of Uttaranchal

under (U-PROBE)


New Delhi

2002 Ongoing
Modernization of Environmental Hydrology Laboratory (FIST) DST 2003  Ongoing
Performance Evaluation of Root Zone Technology for Treatment and Polishing of Domestic Wastewater. CPCB 2002
Assessment of Ground Water Pollution Hazard from Pesticides and Fertilizer Residues. AICTE 2000
MODROBS for Development of Hydrological Information & Decision Support System Laboratory. AICTE 2000
Development of Dynamic Flood Frequency Model. INCOH, Ministry of Water Resources 1998
Environmental Impact of Waste Disposal Practices on Ground Water Regime of Roorkee Town. AICTE 1999
Special Assistance Programme (SAP) in the areas of Ground Water Hydrology, Water Quality & Hydroinformatics. UGC 1999
Trend of Urbanization in Roorkee and its Impact on Environment. UOR Completed
Geohydrologic Studies of Mahendra Garh District (Haryana) with Reference to Groundwater Salinity. UOR Completed
Hydrologic Modeling of Flood Flows. CBIP Completed
Hydrologic Effects of Urbanization Using Remote Sensing Data. Centre of Remote Sensing

(CED) U.O.R.

Generation of Stream Flow Data Using Generated Multistation Daily Rainfall Data and Rainfall Runoff Deterministic Models. CBIP 1985
Interdepartmental Research Project on Hydrological Aspects of Waste Disposal in Upper Hindon Basin, U.P. Ministry of Environment,

Govt. of India

Conjunctive Use Modeling for Ground Water and Surface Water in Eastern Yamuna Canal Command Area. Central Board of Irrigation & Power (CBIP) 1984
Assessment and Utilization of Himalayan Water Resources for Regional Cooperation and National Development. Indian Council of World Affairs, New Delhi 1980
Application of Remote Sensing Methods to Hydrology and Watershed Studies, Using Simulation Models for Upper Yamuna Catchment. ISRO 1978
Effect of Pollution of Surface and Groundwater in Respect of Industries of North Western Regions. CSIR 1977
Geohydrological Investigation and Water Balance Studies in Mega-Alluvial Cones on Ganga River System. U.P. Groundwater 1977
Tritium Tracer Studies in Sarda Sahayak Command Area. U.P. Groundwater 1976
Groundwater Studies in Yamuna Basin. U.P. Groundwater 1974

Consultancy Projects Handled

Sl. No

Name of Project

Sponsored by Starting year
Technical Study of Source Tapping in UA State Uttaranchal Payjal Sansadhan Vikas Evam Nirman Nigam 2006
Evaluation Study of completed Research schemes under the R&D Programme of MOWR Ministry of Water Resources, New Delhi 2006
Water Filtration related study in rural area in UA State Uttaranchal Payjal Sansadhan Vikas Evam Nirman Nigam 2006
Hydrological studies for Song Dam, Uttaranchal Utttarancha Irrigation Department 2005 -Inter Departemental
Evaluation of PFR of SHP projects in Uttaranchal UJVNL 2005- Inter Departmental
Ground Water Investigations for Drilling of Tube Wells in Parts of Dehradun & Pauri Distts Tubewell Irrigation Division, Dehradun 2004
State level master plan for SHP Potential sites in Chhattisgarh, Contributing as member of  study team Govt. Chattisgarh 2003- Inter Departmental
Groundwater Investigations for Location of Tubewells in Dehradun/Kotdwar. Tubewell Irrigation Division, Dehradun 2003
Strengthening Disaster Mitigation and Management at State level in India,  contributed as member of study group formed by Asian Disaster Preparedness Center, ( Flood Plans for UP)   2002
Fault Location in the Ashpond Area of TSTPP-II, Talcher (Orissa) National Thermal Power Corporation 2002-Interdepart-mental
Feasibility Study of Shikadi SHP Project at Rohru, Shimla (H.P.). M/S Forgees Urja Strot Ltd., New Delhi 2002
Geophysical/Hydrological Investigations for Selection of Tubewell Sites in Kotdwar-Dehradun Areas (UA) Garhwal Jal Sansthan, Dehradun 2002
Groundwater Investigations for Installation of Tubewells in part of Dehradun Distt. (UA) State Tubewell Irrigation Deptt., Dehradun 2002
External Drainage Design for Kosi Kotwan industrial Estate of UPSIDC UPSIDC 2002 Inter- Departmenta
Rapid EIA Study of Ganga Action Plan Support Projects at Kanpur (U.P.). M/S ENC Consulting Engineers, New Delhi 2001
Regional flow regimes estimation for small scale hydropower assessment ( REFRESHA)   2000 Inter Departmental
Preparation of Manual for Lithospecific Piezometers. M/S DHV Consultants,

New Delhi

Conservation and Management of Dal and Nagin Lakes (J&K). Ministry of Environment & Forests, New Delhi 2000-

Inter- departmental

Hydrogeological & Electrical Resistivity Survey for 2 nos. Tubewells at POL Installation, Bijwasan (Near IGI Airport), New Delhi M/S Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd., NOIDA 1999
Water Quality Program Implementation (Under Hydrology Project) Phase-II. M/S Express Consultants, N. Delhi 1998
Hydrogeological & Geophysical Survey for Tubewell Sites in Bhupatwala Kankhal Areas, Haridwar. U.P. Jal Nigam, Meerut 1998
Hydrogeological & Geophysical Survey for Tubewell Sites in BPCL LPG Bottling Plant Area, Landhaura (Roorkee). M/S Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, Noida 1998
Water Quality Program Implementation (Under Hydrology Project) Phase-I. M/S Express Consultants,

New Delhi

External drainage design for TRONICA city UPSIDC 1996
Hydrology Study for Integrated Steel Plant, Satarada, Maharashtra. M/S Usha Ispat Ltd., New Delhi 1996
Geohydrological Studies of Ash Pond Areas of Singrauli Coal Field. Interdeptt. Project with Earth Science Department, U.O.R. 1996
Rapid Environmental Impact Studies for Expansion of Titawi Sugar Complex, Mawana. With Civil Engg. Deptt., University of Roorkee 1995
Rapid Environmental Impact Studies for Expansion of Mawana Sugar Complex, Mawana. With Civil Engg. Deptt., University of Roorkee  
Hydrological and Geophysical Investigation in Mittiberi (Laldhang), District Haridwar. M/S Bedi Telefilms, New Delhi 1994
Mathematical Modeling of Aquifer Response in Selected Areas of Noida. U.P. Ground Water Department 1994
Development of a Hydrological Watershed Simulation Model (Phase 1):  Review and Recommended Approach. Ministry of Agriculture, (G.O.I.), New Delhi 1992
EIA/EMP Studies for Bokajan Plant and Associated Grinding Unit (Assam). Interdeptt. Project with Chemical Engg. Department, U.O.R. 1991
EIA/EMP Studies for Manal Limestone Quarry, Rajban (H.P.) Interdeptt. Project with Earth Science Department, U.O.R. 1991
Conjunctive Use and Groundwater Modeling in Selected Areas of Sardar Sarover Command (Gujarat). M/S Consulting Engg. Services,

New Delhi

Groundwater Studies in the Subernarekha Irrigation Project, Orissa. M/S Consulting Engg. Services,

New Delhi

Planning of Groundwater Development in Vicinity of Hindon River. U.P. Ground Water Department 1991
Geophysical (Resistivity) & Hydrogeological Studies for Siting of Tubewells under Vaishali-Kaushambi-Indrapuram Water Supply Scheme U.P. Jal Nigam, Ghaziabad 1991
Geophysical & Hydrogeological Studies for Deep Tubewells in Gabhia Sahrai Village Water Supply Scheme, Pilibhit (U.P.). U.P. Jal Nigam 1991
Hydrogeological Studies in Sardar Sarovar Project Command Area (Beyond River Mahi) Gujarat. M/S Consulting Engg. Services,

New Delhi

Studies Relating to Geology & Geohydrology (Including Water Use) for Kakinada Thermal Power Project (A.P.) M/S Consulting Engg. Services,

New Delhi

Design flood estimation for Kishau dam, UP Irrigation Department 1989 with NIH
Water availability studies for Mahanadi river basin at three sites NWDA 1986 with NIH
Design flood estimation for Narmada sagar and Sardar  Sarovar Project MoWR 1985 with NIH
Study of Borewells & Dugwells in the State of Karnataka. NABARD 1985 Inter Departmental
Study of Sone River Hydrology. Sone River Commission 1984
Special Studies on Sub-surface Drainage in Command Area of Narmada Sagar Project. M/S Consulting Engg. Services,

New Delhi

Design of Infiltration Gallery for Drinking Water Supply Scheme for Manila Devi Group of Villages, District Almora. U.P. Jal Nigam, Almora 1982
Hydrological Investigations of Machhu Dam-II. Machhu Dam-II Enquiry, Ahemadabad 1981
Mathematical Model Studies for Ganga Basin. Central Ground Water Board 1979
Design Flood Studies of Raj Ghat Dam on River Betwa. Govt. of India 1979
Assessment of Silting of Jamrani Dam Reservoir. U.P. Irrigation Deptt. 1979
R.C. Analog Studies of Agra & Varanasi Districts. U.P. Irrigation Deptt. 1979
Hydrological Studies of Ram Ganga Projects. U.P. Irrigation Deptt. 1978