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Water, the elixir of life has evolved to be the most diversified resource in the modern growth story. This has set the platform for dedicated scientific study and research of this diversified resource. It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Department of Hydrology, IIT Roorkee which is actively engaged in the research and education in the different aspects of the field of hydrology. This is a unique department of its kind in India dedicated to the research and education singularly in the field of hydrology. Putting into perspective the dynamic nature of challenges in water resources sector and the additional pressure induced by the impacts of climate change, the specialised training in hydrology of graduate engineers from different disciplines opens up a vista of opportunities for the candidates and in the same time provides the nation with the much needed highly skilled human resources.

The department offers post graduate degree and diploma courses in hydrology with three broad specialisations. The department also admits PhD students for engagement in research in different aspects of hydrology under the supervisors. Relevant information regarding the admission procedure into these courses for national and international students can be easily found in department website. The concerned co-ordinators would also be happy to respond to any specific queries. The department also arranges short term courses for national and international working professionals from different backgrounds. These courses aim at training of engineers/scientists from Asia, Africa and other developing countries.

The department is well equipped in terms of laboratory and other resources, housing dedicated environmental hydrology, groundwater hydrology, surface hydrology, water quality and Hydro logic Information System laboratories. Apart from this the students of the department are entitled to use the central instrumentation facilities of IIT Roorkee. A meteorological observatory and a model watershed are also part of the department’s observatory set-up. Apart from exposing students to the practical aspects of their subjects these facilities are also regularly used by the different research scholars of the department for their work. The up gradation and improvement of these facilities is a constant process in the department.

IIT Roorkee, the oldest engineering college in the country has transformed itself into a state of the art institute with all modern amenities for students. The institute website provides a glimpse into the vibrant campus life. I look forward to welcoming all the prospective candidates to the department and IIT Roorkee.

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