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The Department of Mathematics offers a number of services and facilities to its students for their routine curriculum and other research and advanced works. Research scholars and teachers also take advantages of these facilities and some specialized facilities. Some other departments also take advantages of these facilities.

The Department shares its building with Department of Physics. The building is separated at two places, one being the main and other offering distinguished facilities. Both the buildings of the department are well equipped with separate rooms for the faculty members, the research scholars and different classes.The buildings are surrounded by beautiful gardens and offer a peaceful environment for study.

The lab facilities of the department include Computational Laboratory, Mathematical Modeling Laboratory and Vibration Laboratory.The computation lab of the department also offers service to Department of Physics, Department of Chemistry etc.

The department owns a departmental library besides the library central facility of the Institute.

Some other facilities include Xerox facility, separate auditorium hall equipped with a projector and the microphone systems.