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Consultancy & Testing Projects
  • Analytical Skills Development Program (Consultancy Project) Funding Agency : ACC, Mumbai : Prof. Prem Vart, : Pradeep Kumar, Rs 9.33 Lacs


  • Consultancy Project : Stability of N – 28 Vehicle: Sponsored by TVS Motor Co., Hosur Cost: Approx. Rs. 4,67,250/- : Prof. V.K. Goel

    Dynamic behaviour of the three wheeled motor vehicles is a subject of foremost concern and importance as it is closely related to safety, comfort, and handling of vehicles. The functional design or performance qualities distinguish them from the automobiles or from motor-scooters. Under the project, vehicle stability, directional response, cornering abilities and overturning behaviour of a new three wheeled vehicle being developed by TVS Motor Co was analysed and design modifications were suggested.

  • Appraisal and certification of installed capacity and scope of its expansion at M/s Aqua Mall water solutions limited, Bhimtal, Uttaranchal : N.K. Mehta

    The objective of the study was to assess the installed capacity at the AquaMall plant in Bhimtal for the production of Water filter – cum – purifiers (WFCP) and to develop a strategy for the expansion of the installed capacity by at least 25%.

  • Near Net Shape Manufacturing of Metal Matrix Composite through Investment Casting Process. PI : B.K. Mishra

    Metal Matrix Composites are an important class of engineering material with application in aerospace, automotive and other strategic areas. These engineering materials have outstanding mechanical properties and desirable physical properties. These materials are not being extensively used because of their difficult processing and excessive processing cost. Automotive industry is on the threshold of picking up metal matrix composites in many applications. But these applications are delayed mainly because of limitations in processing technology capable of producing intricate automotive parts at low cost. Investment casting is well established manufacturing method for casting intricate shapes. The prime objective of this project is to manufacture near net shape casting of metal matrix composite through investment casting process. The scope of the proposed project is to generate technical know-how for suitable near net shape manufacturing technology for Al alloy based ceramic reinforced composites for automotive applications.

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