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Student Strength

  • UG Level :

B.Tech. - 45 students per year.

A total of 824 students have obtained their B.Tech. degree from the department.

  • PG Level :
M.Tech. - 15 students per year

A total of 157 students have obtained their M.Tech. degree form the department.

Ph.D. :

8 Research Scholars are working presently.

A total of 38 research scholars have taken their Ph.D. degree

Development grant received from UGC/AICTE during the seventh and eight plan in lacs of rupees


  Seventh Plan Eighth Plan
Building Nil 5.60
Equipment 6.5 2.0


Major Infrastructural Research grants received during the last five years from S&T agencies including UGC/AICTE.


Head Name of Agency/Scheme with year and amount
Building Nil
Equipment AICTE/1996-97/Rs. 2.0 lacs
Books Journals Nil
Supplies and materials AICTE/1996-97/Rs. 2.0 lacs
Computing and Networking facilities Nil


The department received research grants from UGC under DRS and it was upgraded to COSIST, about ten years back.

Details of research grant received from different agencies during the five years:


Sl. No. Name of the Investigator Title of the Project Amount Sanctioned (in lacs of Rs.) Funding Agency
1. Dr.D.B.Goel Metallurgical Solutions to the erosion problems in hydro-electric projects 6.0 Central Board of Irrigation and Power, Delhi (CBIP)
2. Dr.D.B.Goel Thermomechanical processing and austenitic grain size on the transformation microstructure and properties of HSLA and ULCB steels 5.97 Indo-Us project
3. Dr.(Mrs)V. Agarwala Effect of Mechanical and thermomechanical processing on intermetallics liks TiAl and Ni3Al with suitable solutes 11.17 DST
4. Dr.M.L.Kapoor Development of Zirconia based advanced ceramics from zirconia 6.0 AICTE
5. Dr.S.K.Nath Effect of second phase morphology on the tribolgical behavior of dual phase steel 5.81 CSIR
6. Dr.D.B.Goel Development of erosion resistant metallic materials for energy projects 7.7 AICTE
7. Dr.R.C.Agarwala Technology watch for materials in automotive industries. 3.00 AICTE
8. Dr.V.K.Tewari MC-3 corrosion, passivation and stress corrosion cracking 13.62 Indo-US
9. Dr.D.B.Goel Development of surface coating for hydro turbine underwater parts 7.5 CBIP
10. Dr.S.Ray Substitution of toxic lead by graphite in copper alloys 5.2 AICTE