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Salient Features

Department of Water Resources Development and Management (formerly WRDTC) was established with the objective to train serving engineers from Asia, Africa and other developing countries in various aspects of water resources engineering and to bring together engineering talent from these countries for a first hand understanding and appreciation of each others problems and to help evolve, by pooling of knowledge, new techniques in water resources development and management suited to conditions of Afro-Asian region. In addition, the programme of education in the department helps foster a feeling of brotherhood amongst the engineers of various countries. Since its creation in 1955 the department has trained 2234 serving engineers from 42 foreign countries


Research Activities

The Centre provides excellent facilities for research in all aspects of Water Resources Planning and Development, and Water Use Management. Faculty members handle basic as well as applied research projects on practically all aspects. There has been a considerable expansion in the research activity at the Centre in recent years and new research projects are being undertaken and further areas of research and development are being identified. Few of the areas thus covered are:

  1. Network, CPM and PERT Analysis in Planning of Multi-Purpose projects.
  2. System Studies in Various Problems of Planning, Water Resources Projects
  3. Basic Design Problems for Various Hydraulic Structures like Earth Dams, Rockfill Dams, Concrete Dams, Power Stations Weirs, Barrages, etc. as well as in Soil and Rock Mechanics.
  4. Problems in the Design and Development of Pumped Storage; Low Head and Small Hydro Power Systems.
  5. Computer Tech. for Speedy Design of Hydraulic Structures.
  6. Finite Element Method as Applied to Stress Analysis of Complex Hydraulic Systems.
  7. Development of Experimental Techniques for Solution of Design Problems.
  8. Ground Water Development and Management.
  9. Electrical Equipment Testing for Major Projects.
  10. Socio-Economic Aspects of Irrigated Agriculture.
  11. Conjunctive Use of Surface Water and Ground Water.
  12. Command Area Development and Cropping Patterns


Consultancy Activities

Full expertise is available at the Centre for handling field problems in all aspects of water resources development. The Centre renders useful technical service to various organizations and helps in solving complex field problems through consultancy projects. Some of the problems in which the Centre has been engaged are as follows:

Hydroelectric Engineering

1) Studies on augmentation of capacity of Shannan hydroelectric project.
2) Stability studies of Bhakra governors
3) Partload operation of Baira-Siul Hydro generating units
4) Insulation evaluation of Bhakra Hydro generators.
5) Insulation evaluation of Koyna Hydro generators.
6) Study of slot discharges in Hydro generator stators with class F insulation.
7) Generation scheduling of Bhakra hydroelectric station.

Small Hydroelectric Engineering

8) Development of mini/micro hydroelectric station in H.P.
9) Development of micro-hydroelectric station for North Eastern Electric power Corporation.
10) Planning and Design of Deo Left bank Canal Head Regulator Mini Hydel Power Station in Orissa.
11) Planning and Design of Deo Right Bank Canal Head Regulator Mini Hydel Power Station in Orissa.
12) Planning and Design of Baghua canal head regulator mini hydel power station in Orissa.
13) Planning and design of Telengiri canal head regulator mini hydel power station in Orissa.
14) Planning and design of a mini hydel power station at the dam toe of balancing reservoir of Ramagundam Super Thermal Power Station of NTPC Ltd.
15) Planning And design of Nandaprayag Small Hydroelectric Station in U.P.
16) Planning and design of small hydroelectric station on the cooling water return channel of Rihand Super Thermal Power Station of NTPC Ltd.
17) Studies by mathematical modelling and physical modelling for improving power generation at 12 MW Maniyar Hydroelectric Station.
18) Checking designs and construction drawings of 2 MW Harabhangi Mini Hydroelectric station.
19) Investigation into causes of damage to runner servomotor of Teesta Canal Fall Hydro electric station Stage II (Unit VI) Of West Bengal State Electricity Board.

Hydro-mechanical Engineering

20)Vibration testing of penstock welds.
21)Checking the designs of penstock bifurcation piece of Purulia Pumped Storage Plant.

River Engineering

22)Study of silation problems in Ganga Canal.
23)Development of inland waterway in river Ganga from Allahabad to Patna.
24)Restoration of flood damages and design of river training works on Pathankot-Jammu National Highway.
25)River training works on Beas river at for bank protection of DRDO establishment.
26)River training works on Beas river for protection of Bhuntar Airport of Airport Authority of India.

Dam and Structural Engineering

27)Design of Lakhwar Hollow gravity dam.
25)Study of stresses in cores of high earth and rockfill dams.
29)Temperature stresses in Konar dam.
30)Foundation design of Tehri Dam.
31)Concrete placement temperature studies for Ranjit Sagar dam spillway.
32)Temperature control studies for Ranjit Sagar dam.
33)Foundation problems at Kota Thermal Power Station.

Irrigation Water Use

34)Conjunctive use of surface and ground water in GomtiKalyan doab in Uttar Pradesh.
35)Conjunctive use of surface and ground water in Salawa Command area in Uttar Pradesh.
36)Conjunctive use of surface and ground water in Madhya-Ganga canal area in Uttar Pradesh
37)Water balance study of Sarda Command Area.

Ground Water Development

38)Evaluation of Irrigation technology in tubewell command area.
39)Study of working of pumping units of shallow wells in U.P.
40)Design of collector wells.
41)Study of ground water and Ganga river interaction.
42)Seepage control measures for Madepalli open cast mines of Singareni Collieries Ltd., Godavarikhari.

The Ministry of Human Resources Development, Department of Education has sanctioned the establishment of a Centre for Water Resources Management at the University and this has been attached to WRDTC. The objective is to develop infrastructure in the area of emerging technologies and to encourage interdisciplinary research. This Centre will undertake research and development, preparation of field literature, organisation of training programmes and holding of events such as Seminar, Symposia, Workshops etc. The Ministry has been providing recurring and non-recurring grants for the procurement of equipments and its maintenance and establishment and other expenses. The Centre has installed a mini computer and procured hydrologic station including an automatic weather station, two lysimeters and soil moisture probes. The Computing facilities have been further augmented by additional memory, colour graphic terminals, digitizer and magnetic tape drive, etc.