LSO 2024

The fourth edition of the large-scale optimization will be held in the Department of management studies, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. The last three editions of this summer school were held at the Indian Institute of Management Indore (2019), Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (2022), and Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (2023). Optimization is considered to be an essential sub-field of operations research. It's widely useful in many quantitative disciplines, more especially Operations research, computer science, economics, and Industrial engineering. In many real-life scenarios, we deal with optimization problems with a large number of variables and constraints. These types of problems are very common in several areas such as Supply chain management, Transportation, Logistics, and Telecommunications. These types of optimization problems are considered to be notoriously difficult. The main focus of this summer school is to train participants on how to take advantage of the often hidden special structures of such problems, either by relaxation or by decomposition into relatively easier/smaller problems, which can be solved efficiently using their special structures. The challenge then is how to recover the solution to the original problem from the solution to its relaxation/decomposition. The summer school will offer tutorials on a variety of decomposition techniques, including Lagrangian Relaxation, Benders Decomposition, Column Generation, Dantzig-Wolfe Decomposition methods, Cutting Plane methods, Generalized Benders, Heuristic methods, Stochastic optimization, Multi-level optimization, Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programs. Based on the enthusiastic response after the previous summer schools (2019, 2022, 2023), we are pleased to announce its next offering, to be held at the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee.
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Key highlights of the summer school
Target Audience

Masters/PhD students/Postdocs working in Operations Research/Management Science/Industrial Engineering

Faculty members working with Integer Programs

Industry professionals in Optimization/Logistics/Supply Chain Domain

Tentative Topics
Tutorial during the Summer School will be offered on the following topics:

Modeling Integer Programs and Mixed Integer Programs

Modeling using AMPL (A Mathematical Programming Language)

Modeling in C/C++/Python for IBM Cplex/ Gurobi

Valid Inequalities & Cutting Plane Method

Benders Decomposition

Lagrangian Relaxation

Column Generation

Dantzig-Wolfe Decomposition

Robust Optimization

Multi-level Optimization

Non-linear Programming

Mixed Integer Non-linear Programming

Heuristics for LSO


Large Scale Optimization (LSO 2024)

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