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Memory is the treasury and guardian of all things. -Cicero

About Us

Memory is an essential attribute that helps an individual store and recollects relevant information. It was believed that the initial trace of memory is malleable and gets robust and solidified with time. However, targeting the memory process upon reactivation is susceptible to modifications. Memory is vulnerable to change because it needs maintenance and updating from time to time. As a Memory and Anxiety Research Group (MARG), we want to understand how memory can be updated upon reactivation. How different interventions, such as behavioural, neurostimulation, CBT, etc., might be helpful in memory updation. To investigate reactivated memory malleable nature and boundary conditions of memory.
Moreover, a multi-measure assessment must be done to have a holistic understanding of memory modification. Our team focuses on and uses mixed methodology (i.e. qualitative and quantitative methods) and multi-measure assessment (i.e. physiological responses, behavioural, subjective, etc.) towards memory and anxiety research. We also research the other areas of cognitive psychology and design. We are open to national and international research collaboration. Please write to us at for research collaboration.