List of Accepted Abstract

Paper ID Paper Title 1st Author / Communicating author
21001 Review of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Swarm System co-ordination and communication. Chandrahas Singh
21002 UAV to Cadastral Parcel Boundary Translation and Synthetic UAV Image Generation Using Conditional Generative Adversarial Network Ganesh Khadanga
21004 Feature extraction in urban areas using UAV data Surendra Kumar Sharma
21005 UAV image stitching using modified image alignment algorithm Surendra Kumar Sharma
21006 Solar panels extraction from UAV photogrammetric point cloud S.K.P.Kushwaha
21007 UAV based terrain following mapping using Lidar in high undulating catastrophic area Chandrahas Singh
21008 Mobile Augmented Reality Visualization of UAV Photogrammetric Model Abhishek Rai
21009 Automatic OBIA based Detection and Mapping of Avalanche Debris using UAV Images Sanjay Kumar Dewali
21010 Mapping Spatial Variability of Snow Depth using Structure from Motion Photogrammetry of UAV Images over Rugged Mountainous Regions of the NW Indian Himalaya Sanjay Kumar Dewali
21022 Ballistics Algorithm For Airborne Remote Sensor Position In Catastrophe Zones Vipinkumar R.
21023 An assessment of Spatio-temporal relationship between Canopy temperature and Vegetation Index using Multi sensor imagery from UAV platform Tarun
21024 Practical Applications for UAS Designed to Assist Climatologists in Studying Toxic Gas Emissions Relative to Climate Change Ian Godfrey
21025 Forest Fire Detection from UAV Images using Fusion of Pre-trained Mobile CNN Features B.Chandra Mohan
21026 Deep Learning based Improved Automatic Building Extraction from Open-Source Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Imagery Chintan B. Maniyar
21027 Spacio-Statistical model to predict crime locations based on past crime events and UAV based monitoring of the predicted Surveillance route Hasmukh Chauhan
21028 UAV Data Investigation of the Urban Area using Pixel-based Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrix Approach Amit Kumar Shakya
21030 Remote sensing Analysis of Fever Detection using Multispectral Thermal images of Autonomous Disinfectant Sprayer Drone S. Meivel
21031 The role of ‘Unmanned Aerial Vehicles’ in smart city planning and management Rewati Raman
21032 Power Management of Drones D.S. Vohra
21033 Automatic Ship Detection Using CFAR Algorithm For Quad-Pol UAV-SAR Imagery Harshal Mittal
21035 Blockchain Technology based security for UAV IoT Environment Renu
21036 A Deep Learning Approach for Detection and Segmentation of Airplanes in Ultrahigh-Spatial-Resolution UAV Dataset Parul Dhingra
21037 Tree Crown Detection to assess the impact of developmental projects using Deep Learning technique for UAV Optical Imagery B. M. Bohra
21038 DeepSCT based Person Following Drone Rohit Lal
21039 Comparative study of Drone and High Resolution Satellite Data for the Vegetative Growth Monitoring and Crop Health Assessment Shivani Kalra
21040 Deep Learning Approach for Hidden People Detection using UAV Imagery Arun Kumar Singh
21041 High resolution mapping of forest canopy cover using UAV and time  series data of Sentinel-2 Charanjeet Singh Nijjar
21042 Influence of European UAS regulations on image acquisition for 3D building modeling Gabara Grzegorz
21043 Effects of Flight Plan Parameters to the Quality and Useability of UAS Photogrammetry Data Products for Tree Crown Delineation Jojene R. Santillan
21044 Potential Use of UAVs in COVID19 Vaccination: A case of Nepal Pawan Thapa
21046 CNN Based Automated Weed Detection System for UAV Imagery Mohd Anul Haq
21047 Towards Feature Extraction Algorithms for 3D Scene Reconstruction from drone imagery PS Singh
21048 3D Point Cloud Segmentation using a combination of RANSAC and Clustering methods PS Singh
21049 RCC Structural deformation and damage quantification using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Image Correlation (UAVIC) K. Kumar
21051 Characterization of Urban Vegetation from an Unmanned Aerial vehicle (UAV) Image Minakshi Kumar
21052 An automated process to filter UAS-based point clouds Volkan Yilmaz
21053 An approach for UAV based analysis for orchard geo-management Abhishek Adhikari
21054 Quantifying the object-oriented classification approach for automatic extraction of urban features using ultra-resolution UAV and DSM data Nitin Chauhan
21055 Technology for Power Supply to UAV’S Through Medium of Air Devineni Pavan
21056 System of UAV for Defence Technology N.Prudhvi Kumar Reddy
21057 Effective use of 3D Point clouds for inspection and visualization of Infrastructure monitoring PS Singh
21058 Morphometric Evaluation of Watershed for Sustainable Development and Conservation of Water Resources Using UAV-DEM data Tanisha Jaiswal
21059 IOT Based Secured UAV System Jetendra Joshi
21062 Automatic Pothole Detection by Different Multispectral Band Combinations Erma Najihah Binti Md Zin
21063 Some Enhancement of The Aerial and Terrestrial Photo for 3D Modeling of Texture-less Object Surface Catur Aries Rokhmana
21064 Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Disaster Management and Mitigation: Potentials Problems and Policy needs Tejaswini Babasaheb Adhav
21065 Environmental Gaseous Sensing Using Sniffer UAV for Urban Development Control Norzailawati Mohd Noor
21066 GSD Analysis Of Different Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Data In Different Software Ahmet Turan Altun
21067 Precision agriculture based on leaf chlorophyll content using IoT and UAV technology S.Kavyaa
21068 Role of Drone Technology in Sustainable Rural Development: Opportunity and Challenges Venkata Ravibabu Mandla
21069 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) based Wildfire Detection using Deep Learning Models with comparative analysis Gauri Nangliya
21071 Coverage Estimation Using Probabilistic Line-of-Sight Model for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Communication Ankita K. Patel
21072 The Potential of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System for three-dimensional SMART Kadaster in Malaysia M. H. M. Room
21074 Disaster Risk Mapping from Aerial Imagery Using Deep Learning Techniques Amit Kumar Jena
21075 Application of UAV data in corn-field monitoring and management Xiao Juan
21076 Simulation of Clustering Protocol and Mobility Model for UAV Networks Abhishek Joshi
21077 Design of elevons for a hybrid VTOL- Blended wing Body Unmanned aerial vehicle Amit Bainsla
21079 Road Extraction from Aerial and UAV Imagery Using a Hybrid Approach Sanjiban Roy
21082 Assessing Gaja cyclone damaged areas using drones and satellite imageries Pazhanivelan S
21083 Drone-based Multispectral data for Vegetation Health Monitoring Pazhanivelan S
21084 Application of UAV in Heritage Conservation: A case study of Malhargad in Pune District Maharashtra HrishikeshMulay
21085 Multispectral UAV Data analysis using an Open source platform Aishwarya Hegde
21086 Multifaceted Applications of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems (UAVs) in Precision Agriculture: A Critical Review and Future Research Outlook Anoop Kumar Shukla
21087 Multispectral image analysis of Agricultural Drone mapping using Biomass Vegetation Indices S. Meivel
21088 UAV-LiDAR And Terrestrial Laser Scanning For Automatic Extraction Of Forest Inventory Parameters Meghraoui Khadija
21089 Estimation Of Water Logged areas and water harvesting structures over urban structures using the high resolution UAV datasets Vishal Sharma
21090 Drone legislation in formulation of City Development plan For Urban India. Venkatramana
21091 High Speed Wi-Fi Systems for Long Range FANETS: Real Problems Experiments and Lessons Learnt Utkarsh Ahuja
21092 Drone Technology in Waste Management: A Review Richa Choudhary
21093 Comparison of DEM generated from UAV images and ICESat-1 Elevation Datasets with an assessment of the Cartographic Potential of UAV based Sensor Datasets Ashutosh Bhardwaj
21096 Tie point Filtering in UAV Photogrammetry Blocks; Challenges and Solutions Vahid Mousavi
21097 Commercial Vehicle detection near River basins using faster R-CNN from UAV imagery Saurabh Singh
21098 Current Practices in space drones for digital soil mapping: review Abdelkrim Bouasria
21099 Deep learning based architectures for semantic segmentation of aerial imagery Prakash P S