General Downloads
Form for reporting unfair means
Downloads Related to UG Programmes (Including M.Sc./IDD/IMT/Int. M.Sc/M.S.)
Format of Income Affidavit and Income Statement for tuition fee waiving off (for 2nd Year Undergraduate students)
Downloads Related to PG Programmes
Downloads Related to Ph.D. Programmes
Format of Notice regarding Open Viva Voce Examination of Ph.D. Students (IRC 45.2.5)
Performa for Ph.D. Examiner Travel Plan
Ph.D. Forms
Finalization of Supervisor(s)
Application for courses to be completed
Student Research Committee
Seminar Report
Progress and Performance Report
Request for Comprehensive Examination
Notification for Comprehensive Examination
Report on Comprehensive Examination and Recommendation for Candidacy
Special SRC Recommendations
Final Report of SRC
Specification for Thesis
Student's and Supervisor's Declaration
Thesis Submission Form
Report of Oral Defense Committee
Remuneration / TA Bill form for Ph.D. viva-voce(For Examiner from India)
Remuneration / TA Bill form for Ph.D. viva-voce(For Examiner based out of India)
Certificate from Supervisor