Volleyball is one of the most interactive games going. It is a game of intuition, imagination, improvisation – but most of all, of reciprocity – of teamwork.
Our team aims at the general health and fitness of the students, along with preparing them for competitions. The students are put through efficient training routines under the guidance of experienced coaches. We offer a welcoming, encouraging environment where students can fully develop their skills. This is the place to be if you are passionate about sports. So come, Be a part of this sporting action so that moments last forever!
Facilities at IITR
IIT Roorkee provides excellent facilities for Volleyball enthusiasts with a well maintained Courts. IIT Roorkee has two seperate volleyball courts for women and men and one sand court, which are utilised for both training and matches, with seating area for crowd. The Ground is open from 5:30 am to 8:30 pm on all days except Monday.
Events @ IITR
Colors Trophy
Inter Bhawan Tournaments
IIT Roorkee sports fest SANGRAM is a four day sports extravaganza and boasts of being one-of-a-kind festival hosted by IIT Roorkee every year. It brings out the sporting spirit of the brilliant minds of the country and provides an ideal platform for all the sports enthusiasts to compete against each other. SANGRAM is devoted in creating a customized and unforgettable experience for each and every visitor & simultaneously providing unique opportunities to the youth for showcasing their talents in front of extremely large audiences and top-notch judges with a behemoth footfall of more than 1500 students.
Colors Trophy
The Colors trophy is organized every year in the month of march . Whole institute team is divided into 4 teams namely -red bulls , black mambas, blue hawks and green mentis, by auction. All participants compete and show true sportsmanship resulting in boosting confidence, skills and growth of athletes.

Inter Bhawan
IIT Roorkee organised inter bhawan tournaments every year. All bhawans teams participate in this tournament. All teams compete and show true sportsmanship resulting in boosting confidence ,skills and growth of athletes.
Our Achievements
Gold (Men) - 52nd Inter IIT Sports Meet (IIT Madras)
Silver (Men) - Udghosh (IIT Kanpur)
Silver (Men) - 53rd Inter IIT Sports Meet (IIT Guwahati)
Gold (Women) - Sangram (IIT Roorkee)
Silver (Women) - Udghosh (IIT Kanpur)
Gold (Women) - 53rd Inter IIT Sports Meet (IIT Guwahati)
Silver/Bronze (Men) - Udghosh (IIT Kanpur)
Gold (Women) - 54th Inter IIT Sports Meet (IIT Bhubaneswar)
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Dr. Hema Pant Sr. Physical Training Instructor Contact: 9897422624 Email:
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Mr. Daljeet Singh
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Secretary (Boys)
Name: Kartik Yadav Contact No: 9416119301 Email:
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Secretary (Girls)
Name: Vaishnavi Gaikwad Contact No: 9021658107 Email:
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Joint Secretary (Boys)
Name: Vivek Chauhan Contact: 9675400048 Email:
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Joint Secretary (Girls)
Name: Shweta Singh Contact No: 8527102082 Email: