Yoga is the oldest discipline that provides physical health, mental health, and spiritual benefits. According to Kathopanishad, yoga is to stabilize and tranquilize the senses involved in the subjects. According to Patanjali's yoga philosophy, yoga is the cessation of the tendencies (vrittis) of the Chitta. Thus yoga is more than just exercise and asana, it is an esoteric science. The place of yoga in student life is very important. Keeping this in mind, yoga-related activities and Yoga sports are integral parts of campus sports activities.
Yoga Classes Timing
Tuesday to Sunday:
Morning: 6:00 to 7:15 AM (Staff Ladies, Gents, Students Boys, and Girls)
Evening: 5:00 to 6:15 PM (Only Staff Ladies and Girls)
Evening: 6:15 to 7:30 PM (Staff Gents, Students Boys, and Girls)
Classes off on every Monday and other Institute Holiday.
Yoga Bhawan
For Yoga, the facility of Yoga Bhawan(Hall) is available in Sarswati Mandir Complex in IIT Roorkee.
Arrangement of blankets and yoga mats is available over the carpet inside the Hall (other equipment such as a Neti pot is also available for neti kriya).
Inside the Yoga Bhawan, there is a well-planned arrangement of all the means and a perfect environment for yoga.
IITR Students (Boys & Girls)
IITR Staff (Male & Female)
IITR Staff Wards (Male & Female)
Sister organizations’ staff & students as per Special recommendation
International Day of Yoga and Yoga Camps
INTERNATIONAL DAY OF YOGA AND YOGA CAMPS Every year camps and programs have been organized to commemorate International Yoga Day (21st June).
A 15-day Yoga camp was organized this year by the Institute Sports Council, in which more than 500 people participated. In this camp, practical exercises were taught along with lectures on yoga-related topics like stress management, hatha yoga, kriya, pranayama, etc. Finally, collectively practiced Yoga performance as per the National guidelines of IDY-2022 was demonstrated on 21st June.
Two weeks’ camp was also organized for participants of All India Inter University Competition, Inter Bhawan and Institute open competition.
Even in lockdown, to fight against Covid and for overall physical wellbeing, Yoga facilities had been provided to students, and IDY-2021 was organized in a virtual mode.
Competitions and Tournaments
Every year yoga team participate in
Institute Open
Colors Trophy
Inter Bhawan
All India Inter University Yoga Competition
PAN IIT Yoga Sports Competition
and other local competition
Recently, our team won 01 Gold, 04 Silver, and 01 Bronze for IITR and bagged the first runner-up position at the PAN IIT Yoga Sports Competition held at IIT Bhilai in June 2022.
Earlier also IIT Roorkee won medal in the All India University Level Tournament.
The vision of Yoga at IIT Roorkee
Yoga constitutes not only physical exercises and Asanas but it is whole science and philosophy in itself. Various aspects of Yoga apart from Asanas are also touched on under the Sports activities of yoga at IITR.
The Yoga at IITR provides opportunities not only to excel in sports activities related to Yoga but also for wholesome development.
Promotion of physical and mental beneficial elements and Methods of practical yoga based on ancient yogic texts and approaching yogic sciences from the scientific and technical perspectives.
Yogasanas or Yoga as a sport is also practiced including modern forms such as Rhythmic Single/Pair/Group, Artistic Single/Pair/Group, and Traditional Single/Group.
Propagation of Yoga-related activities not only within the institute but also at the regional national level through workshops, events, etc. by inviting various Yoga experts and Yoga therapists on the campus.
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Yoga Incharge
Dr. Mukesh Choudhary Assistant Sports Officer, ISC
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Yoga Secretary (Boys) Session 2022-23
Mr. Shri Lal Raghudev Ram Singh B.Tech 4th yr. Applied Mathematics
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Yoga Secretary (Girls) Session 2022-23
Ms. Nidhi Kathait PhD Civil Engineering