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Prof. Nagendra Kumar
Chairman Institute Sports Council (ISC)
“शरीरमाद्यं खलु धर्म साधनम्”
(body is instrument for all (good) deeds)
(अभिज्ञान शाकुंतलम ---कालिदास)
Orandum est ut sit mens sana in corpore sano'
(You should pray for a healthy mind in a healthy body---Juvenal the Roman Poet)
Dear Friends
All age old wisdom points to one fact----respect and care for your body, the abode of your mind and soul. Time and again we have heard our elders reiterating that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. But what makes our body healthy? Games and sports are the wonderful means to train our body and make our mind healthy. In our bid to material success we do not pay attention to ourselves. We don’t find any leisure for recreation only to realise the mistake when we lose our health and vitality. Sports is not a waste of time but the best of your time. It fosters, in you, a zeal for life, a passion to explore and achieve, to compete and never give up, come what may. It teaches you the virtues of care and share, collaborate and cooperate, leadership and team building. Now it is not treated as a means of recreation but is an integral part of our curriculum. The govt. has launched many initiatives like ‘Khelo India’ and ‘Fit India’ with an aim to integrate it in our daily routine.

IIT Roorkee has been promoting a very strong culture of sports since its early years by creating excellent (in some respects world class) sporting facilities---Standard-size Swimming Pool, Athletics Ground for Track and Field Events, Badminton Hall, Table Tennis, Squash, and Tennis courts, Flood-lit top class Cricket, Hockey, Football, Basketball and Volleyball Grounds, Yoga Hall, Taekwondo, Modern Gym and Weight Lifting facilities, Chess and Rowing (Unique to IIT Roorkee only). It’s a luxury for the sports lovers to discover themselves and excel in the games of their choice.

The Institute Sports Council, under the able guidance and support of its administrators, Sports Officers, Coaches and support staff has been able to nurture talents and bring out the best in them. The dedication and zeal of the sports staff coupled with the hard work, perseverance and unquenched desire to excel and realise their dreams in sports by our students and staff have resulted in achieving the best possible. Our institute secured The General Championship in the previous edition of Inter IIT Sports Meet (2022). There is a long list of achievers and it keeps adding. We have to challenge ourselves and maintain the dominance we have created by our hard work and perseverance, for years.
The ISC keeps organizing year-round sporting activities under the Fit India Movement like, Marathon, Cyclothon, Aerobics, Circuit Training and Campus –run apart from its regular sporting tournaments like Colours Trophy, Inter Bhawan Competitions, Individual Championship for Racket Games and Weightlifting, Powerlifting and Bodybuilding Championships. Every year Sports Fest ‘Sangram’ is organized in which colleges from across the country participate. Regular NSO (National Sports Organisation) classes are organized for First Year students to promote sports culture in the institute and encourage students’ participation in games and sports. The Council is also instrumental in promoting sports culture among IIT Staff members and plays an important role in selecting and preparing teams for Inter IIT Staff Meets. The ISC plays an active role in organizing Alumni sports during Alumni Jubilee Meets.

I believe all of you have an excellent sportsman in you. Join us and unleash your potential. Train hard and help the institute to achieve excellence in sports. Don’t worry if you could not pursue your dreams in sports because of your preparations or other engagements. It’s never too late to mend. Come join the band wagon, explore and achieve. Along with us you can find your hidden potential in sports and ensure physical and mental health.

Welcoming all to Institute sports
(Nagendra Kumar)
Chairperson, Institute Sports Council