Life at an IIT is always great, but at IIT Roorkee, it's a special blend of a modern life and traditional values. History, it is said, is a great teacher, and given our glorious and long heritage of over 175 years, we have had a long time to learn! Combine that with the latest of cutting-edge technologies, and you have IITR in a nutshell....
Our homes away from home are as modern as they can be. More importantly, though have spawned the cultures that make the campus an unforgettable experience. It's here that midnight cricket tournaments, early morning bakar sessions, community computer warfare and so many other things find expression.
Clubs at IITR are the best place to relax and recharge with the indoor sports facilities including seven Billiards & Snooker Tables, Carrom boards, Chess boards, Table Tennis facilities and a Foosball table.
Physical recreation through games and sports has been an important part of the Institute since its inception.Today, the Institute has some of the best facilities in a number of games and sports and awards proficiencies in 14 games.
The ubiquitous student groups are what set IITR apart from other institutes in India, Here do the like-minded gather to work together toward a certain goal- be it getting out a magazine on time, or putting together a one-hour concert, or making a trip to a nearby village for social work.
Guest Houses
IIT Roorkee strongly believes in the old Indian adage "Athithi Devo Bhava". We give our visitors the best facilities be it in terms of service, ambience or food. The campus has three guest houses to accommodate the guests and delegates who visit the campus.
Right from important institutions of Bank, Post Office, Institute Hospital, to places of Worship as well as hangout facilities, these places form a very essential part of our lives at IIT Roorkee.
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Cognizance, the annual technical fest of IIT Roorkee, run by students, is an enthralling kaleidoscope of internally invigorating events. It has something in store for all and brings together renowned experts of various spheres of academic and the corporate industry.
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Thomso is the annual cultural festival of Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, which has also been recognized as the "Annual Youth Festival of Uttarakhand". Regarded as one of the greatest and the grandest youth festivals of India.
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Sangram, the Annual Sports Festival of IIT Roorkee, brings together sportsmen from all around the country to a common ground to compete for victory and excellence in sports. Sangram encompasses a wide range of sports from action filled athletics to strength driven powerlifting and peaceful yoga.
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