The programs that are running at the Centre.
M.Tech Nanotechnology
This is a four-semester program that is prepared to impart in-depth knowledge of various aspects of Nanotechnology. The program covers two-semester course work followed by a two-semester of M.Tech dissertation involving research linked mainly to nanotechnology and its applications. The academic curriculum here at the Centre is quite diverse, having courses that expand from fundamental principles to modern applications. The interdisciplinary coursework enables the students to have broader and multidomain perspectives for any scientific problem. A number of electives have been designed to impart specific knowledge on Physics, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Modelling and Simulation, and various other technical aspects of Nanomaterials.
Course Structure Course Syllabus
The department also offers Ph.D. in varied areas of Nanotechnology involving both fundamental and application orientated research in the major domains of energy, healthcare, and environmental sciences.