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Prof. Peddoju Sateesh Kumar
Head ICC
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About the Centre
The Institute Computer Centre (ICC) was established in 1978 as RURCC (Roorkee University Computer Centre), which was catering to computational requirements of the entire region. At present, this Centre is providing 24x7 Internet facilities, network services, Email services to all the users of IITR at Roorkee campus as well as SRE/GNEC campus of IIT Roorkee. The centre is also playing a role as a central facilitator of computing facilities like HPC and computing software to IITR users who are intensely engaged in research activities. ICC is also managing the IP and Analog phone services along the campus. The Centre is having a strong and dedicated team to provide smooth services to the users.
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Welcome to the Institute Computer Centre at IIT Roorkee. We started our journey in 1978 as RURCC (Roorkee University Computer Centre), which was catering to the computational requirements of the entire region. Over the last four and half decades, we have grown our services to take care of all needs of the IITR community like networking infrastructures, internet facilities, email services, computational and software resources, communications, and a few more. We have a strong and dedicated team of experts in Networking, HPC, Network security, automation who provide their services to all three campuses of IIT Roorkee. This website provides an overview of our resources and services to support the IITR community. If you have further questions after browsing this website, please do not hesitate to contact us. You may also correspond with individual officers, or contact them by email, using the addresses shown on the linked pages. Institute Computer Centre looks forward to solving the IIT Roorkee community's networking and computing challenges with active participation from all stockholders. Thank you for visiting us.
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