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Important information for external users
1) Our centre receives a large number of samples from all over India, and there is always a long waiting queue. Therefore, kindly cooperate with us and do not dispatch the samples without prior discussion with the lab incharge.
2) Kindly contact the lab incharge of the respective facility before sending the samples for the measurement.
3) Samples received without prior intimation/discussion will be analyzed as and when slots are available.
4) Kindly go through External User Booking for further details.
5) Refund: For external users, the refund process may take upto 2 months.
6) Invoice: It may take up to 45 days for issuing the invoice after receiving the duly completed requisition form in all respects at IIC Office.
7) For any Queries related to Sample Analysis, please contact at :
NMR and EPR facilities
NMR and EPR non-functional

We have procured a new NMR, and renovations are currently underway in the laboratory to prepare for its installation. Consequently, we kindly request that do not dispatch the samples for both NMR and EPR at this time. We'll provide updates on the status as the work progresses.
EPMA facility
EPMA is very old instrument, hence only basic imaging is possible at this moment.
XPS system
Currently, XPS is functional for conducting samples only.
If your samples are conducting, you may send the samples.
We'll provide updates on the status as the system becomes functional for nonconducting samples.